Periods After Birth Control Pills

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melissa - February 17

I took my last birth control on Dec 19, 2004 and had my period on Dec 23rd. My first period without the pill was on Jan 30th. How long does it take for your body to get back to normal. I don't want another 39 day cycle. I was on the pill for 12 years. Can anyone who has been on the pill as long as I have share on how long it takes to become normal again????


johanna - February 17

i was onthe pill for 6 years and it took over a year for my cycle to be regular. i fluctuated from 20 -40 days, and it was just awful. for some people it goes much quicker. best of luck!


J - February 18

Melissa, I was on bc for 15 years I have been having my af anywhere for 32 day cycle to 26 days and missed one in December. I stopped my in October and I still dont think my body is back to normal but everybody is different.


saralee - February 18

i was on the pill for 10 years , came off last year and my first cycle was 30 days after that every 28 days back to normal. i went back onto bc for 5 months then came of it again in jan had no period since had positive OPK and so we thought we would ttc again. i have my fingers crossed AF was due yesterday and still no sign


Tia - February 18

i came off in Sept and the first month had a 32 day cycle, the second one was a 35 day and the last one was a 48 day cycle!!! upto 32 days on this cycle now and no AF and neg hpt. makes ovulation hard to calc doesnt it!!!????


Nikki - February 18

Hi Melissa, I was on the pill for 11 years I went off in Oct 2004. I didn't have a cycle in Nov but it returned in Dec I'm having them every 26 to 27 days that first month off the pill I felt pregnant. I gained weight I had bad headaches I thought for sure I was pregnant. I took at least 15 HPT all were negative, I am suppose to start AF today or tomorrow, but nothing yet I have no sign of it coming. I would go to see the doctor he/she can give you something to help it out alittle. "Good Luck" I feel your pain.


Melissa - February 18

I am having a really hard time calculating ovulation, too! I would almost rather have shorter cycles than these 39 days!!! II will keep you posted on this next cycle - hoipefully it is less than 39 days!


Tia - February 18

Everytime i hit 28 days im waiting anxiously.... but never get a pos hpt so i know i cant be pg. so then im anxiously waiting for my af so i can at least start another month afresh!!! AF's suck big time!!!


chriss - February 18

Melissa, I was on the pill for just as long as you. I went off the pill at the end of July, 2004. had my period within 3 days, but my next period wasn't for another 37 days. It took about 3 months for my cycle to get back to 28 days, but I still have not had any luck getting pregnant. Some say that it can take up to one year for a women's system to get back to normal and to get pregnant. Who knew it it could take so long......


Tia - February 18

If id have known i wouldnt have started it.....


Melissa - February 18

This does suck - sice it is only my second non-pill cycle - I am just hoping that each one is shorter than the last. I kindof remember normal cycles before I started my pill. Normal being from 28-30 days. My sister is 29 days, so maybe I will eb soon, too.


Tia - February 18

Im sure your cycle wont take long to get back to normal.... and they say that often your at your most fertile when you come off the pill. Im on day 32 of my cycle now so im hoping that either af comes asap, or i get a ++++ (but with 3 neg hpts ive lost hope). When is your af actually due??? x


Melissa - February 18

Hi Tia! I dont know when AF is due since my last cycle was 39 days. My last period was Jan 30th. Today is day 20 of my cycle and I have not had a positive LH surge yet. So, I dont have a clue when AF is due. :( When did you ovulate? What day in your cycle?


Tia - February 18

Not sure..... im thinking around day 15 of my cycle cos i had weird twinges in my right lower side. ive never been good at predicting an exact day though. since then ive been having tons of cm - started off white and gloopy (like white snot ... sorry for being graphic) and now more runny but still with whiteish tinge to it. keep thinking its af and running to bathroom, btu get there and nothing!!! Been having bad backache too (but thats one of my af symptoms) and ive been mega emotional - keep crying for nothing (but is that a symptom???)


Melissa - February 18

Tia - I think being emotional is a BIG sign. Especially, if you are not one of those women who emotional normally anyway.


ariel - February 18

I was on the pill for 7 yrs. I just came off them 4 weeks ago. Ispotted for abarely a day and a half. Ihave not started had preg test and neg. I've had cramping ,haedaches everyday for almost a month, a little nausea, these have dulled out. I'm still ma__sively bloated, sensitive nipples and a few cramps the past few days.the doc said if I don't start in 2 weeks he was going to give a pill that will make me start.Apparently this is all caused by some kind of syndrom. And it won't go away for atleast another month. Anyone else have the same thing. SORR SO LONG.


S- - February 18

Tia- just a warning (since you are recently off the pill)- you might be more fertile after coming off birth control, but I've heard it's better to wait about 3 months to get pg. b/c your body might not be able to handle a pregnancy yet. I got pregnant after 1 period, and had a m/c. Now I'm hearing from a lot of people that they had m/c right off the pill as well. Don't know if it's a real thing or just a big coincidence- but wanted to put the friendly beware out there- Of course, one friend told me before got pregnant and I didn't listen....Lot's of luck everyone!



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