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pisssssso - January 21

The last time i had s_x was 5 months ago and i've been getting my periods for that long but after my last period my br___ts have remained large and little sore and i notice my stomach is also larger than usuall i've also been having constipation for about 3 months other than that no other symptoms . I plan on taking a test on monday but how probable is it that i'm pregnant if i'm getting what seems like periods (regularly) ? Because the thing with the br___ts and stomach have never happened b-4, they always go back to normal size immediatly after menstruation but it's almost 2 weeks now that they have remained the same. If i am pregnant it would be about 5 months but my stomach is not big enough for 5 months and i'm skinny enough for it to really show , all i have is like a little bump or what it looks like after i've too much too eat .If anyone's had these exact or similar signs please share what that ended up being for you.


krissy2006 - January 21

You cannot have full menstrual flow when you are pregnant. You can have what seems like a very light flow at the time you would normally get your period, but it sounds like you aren't pregnant. Bloating can happen randomly throughout any give cycle even if you have never had it before, as can swollen tender b___sts. Take an hpt because you will definitely get a correct answer. If it is - you aren't pregnant.


BrendaW - January 21

Actually there are some women that do have what appears to be a quite normal menstraul flow while they are pg. I know of two personally. This is pretty rare though but it will help your head to take a test and know for sure. Good Luck!


krissy2006 - January 21

key word is "appears". You cannot have your menstrual period while you are pregnant. It is physically impossible because by shedding the lining you would shed the baby as well.


BeckyBunny - January 22

My best friend's mom had normal period-like bleeding for the first 4 months of her pregnancy. It is possible.



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