Periods During Pregnancy

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Lauren - November 7

I am just wondering how you can tell if you are pregnant, but are still getting your period. I hear it can be common to get your period during pregnancy, so if that is true then how do you know if you are pregnant?


stay - November 7

you dont, your belly just gets bigger


Viv - November 7

Unless you are one of the very few lucky ones, your symptoms of pregnancy other than missed period will give you a good clue. Then you take a test.


Lauren - November 7

Thanks for your input, how long should I wait before I take a test?


Lauren - November 7

How long after you conceive do you get implantation bleeding?


Colleen - November 8

Lauren i am in the same boat as you, i have alot of the pregnant signs but i got my period today and now im confused and dont know what to think. my period was 6 days late and this time its real heavy. Does anyone have any advise on when i should take a hpt?


jackie - November 8

theres no point in taking a htp if you are still getting your periods, they come up negative because if your hormones are not high enough to stop your periods then they are not high enough to be detected on a htp, you ought to try lying to your doctor and say that you got a possitive pregnancy test and have an ultrasound done, that way you will know for sure, thats what i did and it worked, to my surprise i seen a 5 months old little baby girl on there :)


Viv - November 8

Implantation is typically a week or 10 days after conception. It is best to delay testing until 3 weeks after conception. Conception occurs at ovulation, up to 5 days after insemination. If you delay testing until you are 5 months pregnant, the test may be negative because hCG peaks and falls back off.


E - November 8

Bump. Everyone, help me with the bumps please.


Candy - November 8

Lauren, some woman get implantation bleeding from 7-10 days but not everybody has these symptoms


Lauren - November 8

Thanks for all your help, I started with just a little spotting two days ago which made me think that it could have been implantation bleeding, but today "my period" (so I think) is very heavy and I feel very crampy which is uncommon for me. Is implantation bleeding ever really heavy or is it just light spotting? Could this be implantation bleeding that I am experiencing or is this just one bad period?


Lauren - November 8

Just wanted to bump my question up.


Lauren - November 8

Please if anyone has any answers for me that would be great


j - November 8

I would take a test after the day your period was supposed to come. If it's negative and you're still not convinced, then I would wait one week and take another one.


Lauren - November 9

Ok I am going to take a test, thanks for your help!!!


T - November 10

I came on my period when I was pregnant with my daughter up until the third month, every ones body is different and my test did read positive


Lauren - November 10

I did my test and it came up neg. so I don't know...I guess if I am not pret. I will just keep trying. I may test again in a couple of days.



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