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krissy2006 - January 13

As most of you know I am significantly overweight but have heard that many women get PG just fine when they are heavier and I was wondering, if it isn't too personal, would you all mind letting me know just how overweight you were when you got your BFP. I am approx. 100 lbs overweight... but could ideally lose 120 lbs and be PERFECT. I'd really appreciate any answers but also understand if the question is VERY personal! Thanx in advance!


hrtbrker - January 14

i dont know if this helps but pre pregnancy i weighed 180 lbs and didnt really have any problems getting pregnant good luck!!


BrendaW - January 14

my cousin is extremely overwieght probably closer to 200 pounds over weight and she got pregnant and had the baby just fine! She has an adorable little girl!!!


kelley - January 14

Krissy, I am currently 11 wks pg with my 3rd and I would say at least 70 lbs overweight... based on the "ideal" for my height. I am like 5 ft 4 in and roughly 200 lbs. I know that with my first we had some problems, but I am not sure if it had to do with weight or what... it took us 2 1/2 years to get pregnant. The other thing that I think caused us problems is that I was on bcp for like 9 years before ttc. I think that there are a lot of factors that will affect things... I know that we did not want to get into all of the drugs and such that some use to conceive. We stayed with the natural way and we knew that when God thought that we were ready it would happen...I know that does not make it easier, but I hope that it helps you. Good Luck girl.


javidsgirl - January 14

well i am extra fluffy i am 5"4 and a little over 200lbs when i got pregnant 2 years ago fro the first time i was at my ideal weight and got pregnant very easy but unfortunaly i had a m/c and then i didN"t get preg untill 10 mos after that but unfortunaly it was a molar pg. and then it took then it took 9 mos to concieve agian and it also ended in m/c unfortunaly. and that was in sept so i went on a diet and lost 36 pounds tried soy and got preg in nov so far i am 9 weeks 4 days and everything is going great. but i think the weight loss helped alot as well as the soy


Amber #2 - January 14

Krissy - I am 5'7" and weigh 191 lbs. so I'm pretty overweight. If I go by BMI, then I am about 30 lbs. overweight, but I personally like the way I look at 150 so I could stand to lose more like 40 lbs. I am currently pregnant right now and I really don't think my weight affected me getting pregnant but I do believe that it makes me more tired than I would be otherwise!


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

I am 5'9 and when i weighed 135 ibs i could not get pregnant than over 3 years my weight rose to 200 ibs and i finally got pregnant (i dont think weight had anything to do with it). After that I weighed about 220 and got pregnant with #2 when my first son was around a year old. I weighed 195 ibs when I got pregnant with my daughter and I weighed 170 ibs when i got pregnant with my 4th that I actually lost as a missed miscarriage. I weighed 205 when I got pregnant this time around and am currently 19 weeks with a healthy wee one.


socalmom - January 15

Krissy I was about 40lbs overweight when I got pregnant with my dd and now I'm about 50lbs overweight and just got a BFP after 8 months of ttc. I don't think I has a heck of a lot to do with getting pregnant...Good Luck!


AmyMarie1021 - January 16

I weighed 260 when I got preg with my first and 283 when I got preg with my second, no problems getting pregnant, no complications. I did have to have a c-section both times though. I have since had gastric bypa__s and TTC #3 and currently 220. Good luck!


kerilynh - January 16

I was 290 and tried for a long time to get pregnant with absolutely no luck. Talked to my doc and said it was a weight issue. Had Gastric Bypa__s and 8 months later (not ideal time frame, should be 2 years) got pregnant with Twins with no problems. Actually they were a complete suprise. For me it was a weight issue then.



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