Pets Sensing Pregnancy

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Syd - March 29

I read on-line that your pets can sense pregnancy. My husband and I have been trying, and it's to soon this month for me to take a hpt. I have been feeling different lately though, and one of my cats (i have 2) has recently become very attached to me. He used to be a loner, but now he will lay on my stomach every chance he gets, and tries to get into our bedroom when we're sleeping. (Our dog sleeps in the bed with us, and he doesn't like the cats doing it Was just wondering is anyone else experienced the same thing.


Hope - March 29

Syd... from what I have heard pets can usually sense things... It is possible... now all you can do is wait! I also have a cat but he is exteremely clingy to me anyways so I wouldn't be able to tell with him... he has to be near me and in the same room almost the entire time I am home! When is your af due?


meish - March 29

mt kittens now 6 months) whenever i fall really ill (kidney problems) they always stick by my side. if i move they are there the just stay near me at all times, so i think animals can sense when things are going on good or bad?


tay - March 29

my dog usually is by my side, but lately its like she is jealous of something she wants to be near me even more, but then at times she gets really mad and won't even eat...


Syd - March 29

I honestly have no clue when AF is due....while I get my periods every month, they are irregular, sometimes I'll get one after 28 days, sometimes I'll get one after 35 days. I'll just have to wait I guess, but my animals are acting stranger around me.


KT - March 29

Could it be that you are hanging around the computer a lot and possibly ignoring your cat? I know you said he is normally a loner, but even loner pets get petted every now and then. Maybe if he feels you are giving the computer more attention, he's getting jealous or clingy because of that? It is still possible that you are pg, though. All the best... :)


KT - March 29

...anyone who is wishful or thinking that they may be pg, knows what I am talking about... on the computer checking 15 different websites for pg symptoms, due date calcs if you are pg, etc


Syd - March 29

I pay way more attention to my cats than my I just heard of it and wanted to know if anyone else ever experienced the same thing.


Leigh - March 29

I had the same thing with both of my pregnancies. My cat was always laying on my tummy. :)


Sabrina - March 30

I was thinking about this while laying in bed last night because for the last couple of nights my cat has come into my bed and slept on my bed, she has never done this before she is 4 years old, she normally sleeps on my 8 year olds bed, Maybe shes trying to tell me something?



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