Pg Symptoms Like Af

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fairydust - January 5

I feel as though my af is starting but it never comes! Could this be pg, are the symptoms the same? Thanks


babygurl63801 - January 5

are you late? how late r u? have u tested yet? i think weve all come to the conclusion that pregnancy symptoms seem so much like our cycle coming, but us being women knowing our bodies, we know when something isnt right with our bodies? r u having symptoms?? keep me updated..


fairydust - January 6

Yes I am a couple of days late though I have just stopped taking the pill. I have had period symptoms such as cramps and sore nipples on and off all week.


meg - January 6

I just found out that I was pg., & I had cramping that was almost exactly like AF. Good Luck!!


Deb - January 6

Yes, pg symptoms are the same as af symptoms. If you are late, you should be able to get an accurate pregnancy test reading now. If it is negative, test again in two days.


fairydust - January 8

I tested negative last night but prob should do it in morning? Do u think it makes a lot of difference when u test?


Deb - January 8

Yes, first morning urine is the best because it has the highest concentration of hormone. If you can't use first morning urine, then try to hold your pee for at least 3 hours before you test. If your urine is diluted, it won't pick up the pregnancy hormone.


SweetP - January 8

If you just stopped taking the pill then that may be the reason why you're late as post-pill takers have a few wacky cycles before getting normal. Also, AF feels alot like pregnancy because of the hormone progesterone. So like Deb said, test again in 2 days and if no BFP, then go see your doctor!


Nell - January 8

I am feeling the same way af is due today or tomorrow.... everytime I calculate it online it comes a day early which would be today. I kinda feel like it is coming but hoping the feeling I have is just pg symptoms... I have an inkling it isn't but I have been wrong before.



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