Pg Symptoms Still After Af 20th August

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uk - September 4

hi there,i was displaying some "symptoms" before my last period ie montgomery tubercles, headaches and sligtly tender brests, i didnt think anythng of it as my period came, but still i had the montgomery tubercles, the headaches are getting worse, my br___ts are still tenderand yesterday i saw some white gooey stuff (not much) come out of them (they are inverted) and this morning when i got out of bed i saw what dried white stuff., my br___ts feel slighty heavier though my fiance cant see any difference, they feel hot, especially round my nipple and areola. When I lie down, i feel so hot. Something else is I seem to be able to smell strong things that no one else can, and you know "morning breath", well I can hardly kiss my foance in the morning because it smells so strong, I have what feels like a tender stomach too and lots of gas (lol)..... Part of me doesnt want to read to much into this as I might go crazy, however I would value some opinions as I am supposed to go into hospital in 8 days for an operation, I am abit wary of doing a test as when I tested before I had a m/c in April 2 hpts didnt pick anything up, also I dont like my docs!!! I have a test in the cupboard but I was debating whether to do that the day before I go in?? Anyway I really hope this makes sense, and thank you in advance. :o)


uk - September 4

also I meant to say that I didnt recall having any stretchy mucus around ovulating time, instead it seems not to thick but not watery and most days it ends up in my pants (tmi, sorry), I am sorry if this has gone on and I sound like I have rambled on, I'm trying not to freak out but I guess I am!!!!


Alexandra - September 4

Hi, my story is pretty similar to yours. Had pregnancy symptoms, got period and afterwards they all came back again. Did test twice around period, two BFN's. Am now waiting for second AF since all this started (some 9 weeks ago) and afterwards I will go to GP and ask for scan. Whatever it is, it's gone on too long. I think with your operation in mind, you'd best test yourself and I wouldn't leave it till the day before the op. Your doctors need to know. But as you can tell from countless posts on this forum, a negative HPT doesn't mean you can't still be pregnant. Here's hoping ;-) Good luck!


uk - September 4

thanks Alexandra, all the best to you too


bu - September 4



uk - September 5

I was going to test this morning but I forgot and peed first!!!!!! I guess now I have to wait til tomorrow


bump - September 6



Mo - September 7

Hi girls, any news on your symptoms? I'm going through the same thing! Makes you think it's in your head but it defo isn't.


Hi Mo & UK - September 8

Well have been sick a couple of mornings, tummy def feels bigger, b___bs are sore but AF came again... So I am none the wiser. What about you, uk?


uk - September 8

hi girls, today I startd feeling really emotional, crying and all, bbs are more tender, nipples driving me crazy, still have quite bit of CM and cervix is high too,I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall!!!!!!! to the response who has been sick has your period bein full force?? do you stll have symptoms i only ask as ppl can still hve period during early pregnancy.... good luck


uk - September 9

Hi, it's Alexandra - sorry, should have said so in my previous posting, I was/am the one who is sick in the mornings, retching (pardon my language!), burping, all sorts. My period however is full force. Nothing irregular about it. Maybe it's all in my head, I feel something's not right and I would love to be pregnant... Am also worried that something else is up - 'female healthproblems' ;-) Nasty cysts or something? Am seeing doctor next week. UK, when's your next AF due? What happened to your operation?


uk - September 10

hi alexandra, i am so sorry you have af, mine is due in theory the day of my op (tues) not sure whether to go in or not... i wud love to be pg too but the timing wud be way off!!! i hope nothing is wrong for you, *big hugs*


Alexandra - September 11

Awww Uk, that's really sweet. Big hugs to you too! Hope your op goes well and keep me posted on how you are!


uk - September 12

hey, juat thought I would say hi before i go to the hospital, I cant get a + test so I guess I have to roll with it, take care and we'll take again in a few days!!! :o)



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