Pg Women Everywhere

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Mightbe - May 22

Hi there, just need to vent, care to join me? Have you realized thet when we want or should I say need to get pg, everybody around us seem to be? I mean, go outside you see pg women all over the place!!!! It makes me so jealous, I turn around and there's one, I go to work, there are more, everywhere I go!!! I feel like they are rubbing their belly against my face! lol. Don't get me wrong I just feel that it's not fair! I've been ttc for 6 months, so sometimes it's just too much! Thanks for letting me vent!


still trying - May 22

I know exactly what you mean. I have an 8 year old son. I got pregnant with him at 19, unplanned. My life could not have been crazier at that time. Now I'm 28, married, good job, and I've been ttc again for 3 years. I have had 2 confirmed mc's but I think it has been as many as 4. Then you go out & see pregnant women everywhere. I have a hard time even watching tv sometimes...THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!! and yet it still doesn't happen for me. It is so frustrating & discouraging when month after month goes by and still no baby. I don't have any advice about getting through it, just know you aren't alone.


maddie - May 22

OMG can I relate. Got AF yesterday after being 5 days late and thinking this was it. So what can a girl do to cheer herself up? Go shopping! I go to the mall and I think I am the only one not pregnant there! I wanted to grab one of the women by the shoulders and scream how did you do it!!!?? lol....oh well its like that pink elephant joke.....once you are aware of it, its all you see.


TTC also - May 22

i know! its like you feel like 'why cant that be me!" what am i doing wrong! it is so frusterating...especially when you find out that friends of yours are pregnant, and you want more than anything to be happy for them, and you are, but always thinking in the back of your mind...why them instead of me?! i wish there was a solution for this, but ultimatly the only solution is getting pregnant ourselves lol. and it seems to take forever. hopefully these next couple of months will be all of our months! good luck, and lots and lots of baby dust to us all!


Mightbe - May 22

Sad but tru, I just found out about another relative being pg, I swear I was about to cry but was able to hold it! not for long thou! I so want a baby, every month I feel that this is it, I've actually had symptoms every month, just be totally upset about getting AF every time!! Well, baby dust to all of us, and hopefully before we can say "why not me?" we'll be preggo too! Thanks!


NI - May 23

Oh how can i relate to u ! I have a friend that i haven't seen for a yr who just called and announced she was expecting again( her son is only a yr old). I'm happy for her , i just wished i could announce the same thing to others too!


feel so sad - June 1

saw 3 pregnant women today and went shopping with my pregnant best friend and her a baby store. why!?


mandie - June 1

i just wanna scream...i had a miscarriage beginning of may this year and every time i turn the tv on or go out there is a pg woman.........aaaarrrrrrrrr......whew..i feel



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