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jessieb - February 27

i thought we could have a little fun and share all of the signs we thought at the time. i know there are a bunch of us who have been ttc for a while and month after month we sit in the 2ww noticing every little thing. only to say 'huh' when period shows. sooooooo, let's see it ladies. what were your early signs? of your AF : )


jessieb - February 27

okay, me first. sore b___bs. bleeding gums (ah, probably gingivitis) leg cramps, headaches, cravings, pee a lot, i think i had an 'implantation dip' in my chart probably twice. wicked sore b___bs. no really, more sore than usual! the blue veins!!!!! weight gain (oh right, that is just normal ol' weight gain) smell sensitivity. 'feeling pregnant' <----- funny thing, you can't will that. field of dreams of pregnancy doesn't work. if i feel it, it will happen. uh, nope.


jessieb - February 27

OHHH nausea. i psyched myself out so much that i felt nauseous a couple months right before my period. i was so excited and nervous because it was test time. exhaustion too.


kdlovesrd - February 27

sore b___bs (but then now that I think about it, they're sore EVERY month all month long, lol). frequent urination (I still have that!). extreme fatigue (I think its now b/c of my weight gain). moodiness/emotional (I would cry like a littler girl at a movie I'd seen 100+ times before!). abdomen pressure (I have that right now). ga__sy (sorry!). potato chip/salt craving (though I realize I do that every other month now!).


kdlovesrd - February 27

I forgot to add acne! I look like a 13-year old kid again!!


jessieb - February 27

ah!! i forgot to add acne too.


jenn_ns - February 27

Metal taste in my mouth, fuller & heavier b___bs, headaches, exhaustion, 'nesting' (gotta clean!), ga__sy, name it, I can imagine it!!! The metal taste in my mouth was the biggest one, yet. . .


jessieb - February 27

here is another good one: how many times have you tested, got a (-), then got your period later that day? and then just felt like a moron....tee hee!! i have at least three times, only to kick myself for wasting the test. : ) did it last month!


LIN - February 27

Sore b___bs - especially now that I'm on hormones - they get really bad. I've had several big dips below my coverline that looked oh so promising at the time. Not to mention the triphasic charts and one luteal phase that was 18 days long. I've had mid-cycle spotting and cramping. A few times my gums have bled while brushing my teeth, and it's always been right before my period (of course!). This is just a short list. Since ttc, I've had every possible symptom in the book. I've learned not to place any weight at all on symptoms, and especially now that I'm on fertility drugs, I just chalk up all symptoms as side effects (which, so far, they have been).


jessieb - February 27

oh, yes! i forgot about that too. i had a luteal phase of 18 days once as well. being late and not being pregnant is the worst tease EVER!


BeccaBaby1 - February 27

Female bodies (and especially minds) are so weird! I've had sore b___bs, felt exhasted, broke out, broke down, had ovulation pains (but no ovulation), been nauseated, gained weight, become a home-body and clean freak... and then comes my good friend... AF!!!! I even HAD to paint the bedroom walls, then the ceiling, then I ripped out the carpet, then busted out the tiles under the carpet - uh oh now what? :)


shea - February 27

GREAT thred, Jessieb - I feel less freakish now knowing it's not just in MY head! I've had sore bb, bloated, fatigue (stress?), nausea, and back pain. Acne, too, but that's af as well (darn her). How many af symptoms have we always had but didn't even notice until ttc??!


Purplehaze - February 28

My strangest is leaking b___sts I was convinced I was pregnant that month!!!! I also have had sickness and going off foods. hmmmm glad it's not just me with the testing those little sticks just call out to me ;)


Megs - February 28

Unfortunately, I've got a couple to add myself... LOL :-) I had a couple days of BAD metal taste in my mouth!!! And that was before even O'ing! LOL I got a lot of O and AF symptoms that I don't know what the difference is for being pg. Werid place pimples. One month I had HORRIBLY sore b___bs!!! I was sleeping with a sports bra on and was avoiding all hugging as well. Everythime my b___bs were even slightly touched I wanted to freak! Honestly, I think I had a chemical pg that month though... I have yet to ever experience that again. Umm... Feel nausea but again that's sometimes felt during different times in the month. I love reading all these and go, I'm NOT crazy huh?? ;-)


sososleepy - February 28

Most of the above - thanks, I feel more normal after reading this. Oh, add cm before af.


jenn_ns - February 28

Megs wanted me to add this one. I've been scarffing sour candy since last evening.......and I never touch the stuff!! I'm only 4 DPO!!! Leave it to Megs to see that as a (phantom) sign


VenusdiMilo - February 28

I too had the “sour candy” thing last month when DH and I went to the movies, The lotiony CM, Oh and spotting at 11DPO....Sweet!! You couldn't tell me anything…I just knew for sure I was LOL!!



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