Phantom Symptoms Any Impossible

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Becky - January 26

Hey guys! For those of us who have a ton of symptoms, but have no positive confirmation yet, many wonder if (or are told that) their bodies are just "feeling" those "symptoms" because that is what they are thinking about...(all the time!). Are there any symptoms that just can't be "faked" like that? Ie... darker veins in your br___ts, soreness, nausea, heightened sense of smell... can your body make THESE things happen like that?! I can see missing your period because of stress...but darker veins and smelling better because you are *thinking* about it all the time....???


ALICIA - January 26



Susan - January 26

Becky, I think the mind is really powerful and when you want something so desperately it is possible to make it happen. I've felt nauseous, had the heightened sense of smell, veins, metallic taste in mouth, the whole bag every month :) I think the month we feel nothing is the month we'll be pregnant :)


Becky - January 26

Then darn it, why can't my mind make me fly?!?! *wink*


Es - January 26

I SO agree with Susan! I keep having all the signs every month, and I'm sure the more desperate you get, the more signs you start to have because you want to be prego so badly! I've though about this quite a lot, and I've decided that, for me personally, I will be on the look-out for only TWO main signs, all the others I will ignore. My first primary sign will be spotting around day 7 to 11 after I've ovulated (and had intercourse on that day). I never have spotting inbetween my periods, so for me it will be clear that I'm pregnant when I have that. The second primary sign I will be believing, will be veins in my b___sts. My b___sts are sore many times of the month, so that's no clear sign to me, but they never get veiny, so I will believe that when I see it! So go and write down all the signs that you have ever heard of, and then tick off those that you have had anyway as "non-counting" and then only go by the ones that you know will be unusual for you to have, and look for them! Good luck everyone, the waiting game is gonna make us all crazy! But it does give us something to look forward to every month, doesn't it?!


QLeO - January 26

Yeah, some lady told me in another Q&A site that we can miss our period because in our mind, although subconsciously, we want it to - because we want to be pregnant so desperately. She said it's actually quite common and it happens to a lot of women out there. Hmmm... Makes me wonder if I'm one of them...


Susan - January 26

I think I am actually keeping AF from coming this month. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms but I was due yesterday and so far no signs of AF coming yet. I am starting to feel exhausted but I suspect that's from running to the bathroom every 5 minutes to check and see if it's started yet- he he!


Becky - January 27

Well... I have my Dr.s appointment tomorrow morning... Hopefully will have some good news.


Curious - January 27

Im wondering if my mind has made my period disappear for two months and caused my b___sts to be engorged(swollen) and be so painful. oh, and if my mind is making my stomach grow.......:(


AMT - January 28

Sometimes it's frustrating being a girl, huh! I'm going through it too. I need to wait to see if I miss my period next week. Until then, how in the world can I just get it off of my mind?!! I'm driving myself (and my husband I think) crazy. He can just not think about things. I'm so jealous. And I know that the more I think about it and get myself worked up about all of the symptoms I keep developing, the more I'm going to be disappointed now if I'm not pregnant and find out that I "willed" all of those symptoms on myself. Uggh! But I should not be so certain that I am pregnant, because I was on the pill!


care - January 30

I think that it is true I have had many signs, and the funny thing is that i dont want a baby right now so i say but deep down I really do and I think about it all the time ive got the implantant and there is like 2% chance of getting pregnant waht is wrong with me help!!!!!


Ashley - January 31

My last Normal period was Nov 19-23ish... The last time I had s_x was Dec 5th....But I have had every symptoms- EVERY!!! But I have had a heavy one day then lighter the other days period Dec 13th for about 3days...Then spotted for 3 and 1/2 days (didnt even fill one pad the whole time) five days before i was suppose to get my period Jan5th supposed to...Then Jan 20th spotty bleed then Jan21st heavy for like 3days and Bad cramps and then spotted a day....I would normally just think that all of that was just periods but all the symptoms is too much...Some times i think i just image it but then i noticed blue veins on my b___bs (which are bigger) and the sides of my stomach have veins and two days ago I woke up with my ankles swollen with blue veins on them - all of which was never there! I have tested with 5 hpts all negative! I'm nauseas, ga__sy, sick, diarreah, bigger chest, mood swings, cry easily, Peeing Alot, veins, cant fall asleep but when i do i can sleep for days and still be tired, hungry every hour even after just eating a big meal, milky color discharge, little white bumps on my nipples, early dec. had horrible headaches, colds- running nose then and now, Dizzy and dehydrated. I've had every symptom- I dont think i can jus image some, but some days i look pregnant some i dont! With my first pregnancy I didnt have hardly any symptoms - except just a heavy period, bigger chest and diarreah which kept me loosing weight before i gained..With the neg. hpts and bleeding it keeps me from calling my doctor, but why else would i have these symptoms- exspecially these veins they are what makes me really think i am! Help! Are there any symptoms that you just cant image or just cant occur for no reason...Is there something else that can be wrong with me that makes you have all these symptoms?? Help appreciated!!


S - January 31

i think that's true.. but i don't wanna be preggie and i can't be preggie.. Anyways i keep reading all these things about discharge and all that.. and it makes myself go crazy cuz i start checking myself and all that. -_____-''. and im not sure. like i feel nausea.. sometimes i feel worst sometimes i feel better.. so i think it's my mind. I'm nto sure about beign a more ga__sy then usual, blob of discharge with a VERY TINY small amount of pink tinged (and hey i had them this month before my period came) but i ahve them now and im way too early for my next period. Makes me wonder.. no sore b___bs no veins.. nothing really bad with nipples.. sometimes itchy but that's not anything i worry about.. backaches.. had them today but is it because I'm reading too much fromt he forum? and because im not sitting properly while im on the computer i don't know. A friend told me once.. don't think about it.. and the mroe you think will happen.. the more it will or maybe it won't but you'll drive yourself crazy and then your body will produce more symptoms which will drive you crazier and i'm done ranting LOL



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