Physical Changes In Vagina

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jb - December 19

are there any physical in va___a when pregnant? we did ai (artifical insemination) on dec.10th and i was having a slippery discharge until yesterday and now it is quite dry and real tight. i was also having af cramps until yesterday. jb


Grandpa Viv - December 19

The same process that makes veins appear in the b___sts also changes the vasculature in the v____a. The v____a can appear more purple, a__suming you know the normal color. Occasionally the labia will visibly change color. I have seen questions concerning the feel of s_x - more rubbery? - in early pregnancy. You talk of slippery discharge, which would sound more like ovulation discharge except for the fact that I'm sure your ai provider checked that you were ovulating 10 days ago. Many women report a clear to creamy discharge early on, but it continues and gets more pronounced with time. Your observations do not seem to tie in too well with this information.


jb - December 19

i was having alot of egg whitish discharge at time of o and then after(about 3 days )after insemination i had just a slippery discharge and my v____a felt different during s_x. and i have been having af cramps since 2 days after insemination and still have them i have sore b___sts, and very bloated (cannot b___ton the pants i wore 2 weeks ago.) very ga__sy(is that a pregnancy symptom?) i had nuasea yesterday morning but that was it. i was a little light headed last night but no more. this would be my 4th child but cannot remember symptoms (12 yrs. ago)except for sore b___sts.(they are sore on the outside of b___st.) thank you for reading and responding. i am supposed to start af on the 28-29 . (hoping i dont see her) SHE IS NOT WELCOME!!!!!


jbrooksprattrd - December 19



jb - December 19



Valerie - December 19

I hope that you are pregnant! I will be going in for insemination right after Christmas! I am really nervous about it!


jb - December 19

more responses please!!!



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