Pinching Feeling On Right Side

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Cora in Ireland - February 2

If i am pregnant i would be about 7days gone and i've had this weird pinching feeling on my right side. It's not painful at all and it doesn't feel like cramping, i've never felt anything like it before? Did anyone else ever feel like this and did it turn out to be pregnancy?


De - February 2

I am now 10 DPO, have had the same thing for about 4 days.. alot better today though.. it was also mainly on my right side, but last night had the same thing on my left side and around my pelvic area to my lower back!!! so not sure... when you due for your period.. i'm not due until the 8th Feb...


Cora - February 3

I'm due my period tomorrow, hope it doesn't come!


Christine - February 3

I am with you ladies I am due on hte 8th as well. I have been having cramping on my right side today but not like pms cramping. It has been going on since 4 dpo last night i go a queezy stomach. Any other signs?


De - February 4

Not many, really really tired though!!.... no tender b___bs, but a friend of mine is now 5 wks preg and still hasn't got sore or tender b___bs.. I also have a bit of discharge... what about you???? My cramps have seemed to have settled now


Christina - February 4

My b___bs seems to be less sensative today but I am still having steady light cramping. My gums feel weird i have had this icky taste off and on for a while. Last night I had s_x with bf and not to get to personal but when he was inside me my center lower stomach hurt so bad it was almost unbearable whats up with that? Any ideas


Lucy - February 4

I took clomid for the first time this month and my fertile time was two weeks ago when we did it like bunnies. I should be due for a period in about 3/4 days but for the past 5 days i have been experiencing slight 'pinching' 'cramping' as described here..... i did wonder... could this be a sign?? I thought it might be trapped wind or upset tummy!! Also strangly enough the idea of s_x at the moment makes me cringe... could i be??????



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