Pink Discharge

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Vanessa - October 26

Hi, I got my period on the 19th and it lasted until the 22nd(Sat). My bf and I were not having protected s_x (we never do) and although there were times that he pulled out, there were a few times that he cam alittle and then pulled out. Anyhow, I figured I was fine, but then on Tuesday morning I went to use the bathroom and when i wiped, there was a pinkish discharge. This had never happened before. Also, for the past couple of days, my nipples have been feeling sore and alittle heavy. This usually happens before I get my period and its happening after. I have never been pregnant so I do not know whats going on. Sincerely, Hoping to get pregnant.....


hi - October 26

I would definitely test, could have been implantation bleeding and if any sperm has ever had the chance to get in there then there is always a possibilty. You should get a ++ now if that was suppose to be your period.


Vanessa - October 26

Wouldnt it be too soon to get tested? Hoping to get pregant...


Good luck - October 26

Hi Vanessa!It sounds like it could be IB because I had the same thing when I was preg w/ my son.Good luck to you and let me know how it turns out!**Baby Dust**to u!!


hi - October 26

actually yes, I would test in a week, the pink may be IB since it is so soon, sounds pretty good to me.


Vanessa - October 26

Sorry Ladies, Im new with the pregnancy lingo...IB? Hoping to get pregnant...


Good Luck - October 26

Implantation Bleeding.


I don't think so - October 26

I think the chances that you are pregnant are slim. If you had your period and it started on the 19th, you probably haven't even ovulated this month yet. And then if you had ovulated, it takes 6 - 8 days for the egg to implant in the uterus. Unless you are one of the very, very few people who get a period when they are pregnant, I seriously doubt that you are. Take a test...if you got pregnant last month it should show positive by now. By the way, IB is not very common either and it usually happens right around the time of your period. Very light spotting for a day or so.


Nicole - October 26

it is possible that you got pregnant while on your period. When I was younger I had unprotected s_x on my period and wound up pregnant that same day, my positive test was 8 days later. It's possible, especially if you have irregular periods, etc.


I still don't think so - October 26

Even if you did get pregnant on your period, not enough time has pa__sed for the egg to implant and for you to have produced enough HCG hormone to feel any symptoms.



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