Pink Like Discharge Light Bleed

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anonymous - October 6

Hi, Many women here have a pinkish/pinkish brown light bleed. Has any one of your doctors questioned you if it is really blood or a discharge? I am very confused as to what a doctor asked me. She asked me what makes me so sure the pink/brownish like spotting light bleed is actually blood or a discharge? Does anyone here know what she meant by a discharge. I was just about to ask this doctor what she meant but calling women here bizarre and me as well had me too upset so I left.


Ana - October 6

Well I'm not pregnant...atleast that's what the tests tell me. BUt I had a two day "period" with light bleeding (never had this before). It was more of a watered-down version of a period. The "blood" was peach or rose colored not thick at all. This stopped yesterday. Actually, I thought it was all done...but now today it's started again. Still very light though. I guess I would call it more cm with blood in it....


Nicole - October 7

I thought I started my period 5 days early when I started have discolored discharge that lasted a few hours. It disapeared and that night I had intercourse. Well that caused me to actually bleed, but it was very bright red, not dark like my normal cycle. The next day THAT was gone and I didn't have enough to even wear a liner. Then the next day the discolored discharge was back. It lasted a day and now it's gone again. I am supposed to start on Saturday. I'm cramping and I feel like I have PMS. I did take an early detection test and it said negative. I never, ever have any spotting so I'm a little scared I might be pregnant. I stopped taking the pill about 5 months ago so I'm hoping my body is just still adjusting. What do you think? And I don't know why your DR would ask you that - I mean if it's not white discharge then what are you supposed to think it is when it's discolored!? I think it's blood.


Ana - October 7

Hi Nicole. So in your 5 months of being off of the pill have your periods been normal? It's strange that 5 months later you'd have an abnormal one. You'd think it would happen right after coming off of b/c. Do you have any other symptoms? I went to the dr's today. Did a urine I expected. Did a blood test also...I'll find out in about 3 days. Anonymous...i know you know that we're not "bizarre" because we are just like you...and you're not bizarre. Anyway, do you know yet if you're pregnant?


anonymous - October 7

Hi Nicole, Ana, thank you both so much. Ana thank you for believing in me and for your words of comfort. NO we are not "bizarre". My body tells me I am pregnant. A urine test at a different obgyn said I am but the blood test was negative. I took and take it day by day. Hope to hear your blood results. But I have learned not to read into the tests too much. I'm going to find the right doctor for me to give me a sonogram. How many weeks do you think you are? Nicole is your discolored pinkish brown at all? It's known when a woman is pregnant and has s_x she has some blood afterwards. Was your little or allot? Ana yours sounds like spotting or implantation bleeding. Nicole I'm not too sure about yours but yes I too do not understand where my OBGYN was coming from. I would not let her examine me. I was angered at quite a few things she said. Anyone with a nickle size of common sense can recognize blood. A pinkish brown or pinkish reddish does indicate blood? It's like when you get a cut and there's little blood so it looks pinkish then when it gets old it turns like a brownish. The doctor was so sure that the women here make up stories about negative blood tests. According to this obgyn blood tests are never wrong and it's the women making up stories. Hope to hear from you both soon. Best wishes.


Ana - October 8

When I went to my dr. She said that even if the blood test came back negative.....if i was still filling symptoms to come back and take another blood test a week later. She said sometimes harmone levels just aren't high enough. She's known women who are negative through several blood tests but are really pregnant. I think it's anonymous' doctor who should be called bizarre.


Jen - October 8

Why would she call people bizzarre??? I hate when people are in a profession and are negative in their dealings with it. Anyhow, I consider it discharge when I have red/brown color mixed with normal mucus looking cream. Lots of times this is how I know AF is coming full force.


anonymous - October 8

Hi Ana and Jen, the obgyn is surely "bizarre". Was she just testing me out? I've been looking for a "good" doctor who does blood tests and sonograms on their premises and I find one but she creeped me out. How can I even trust her to give me a sonogram. After what doctors did to my two sisters I disliked doctors and now even more. The search is still on for a sensitive, listening doctor. I've also done my own urine tests with the strips this recent doctor's nurse used and I see two lines. The second colored line doesn't appear with in seconds but it appears. On other days when I do the urine test I don't see a line and other days I do. Someone explained it to me as a fluctuating of hormones and they are not always detectable. In the weeks after me and my husband begn trying to conceive I have had stretchy mucous, headaches, the outline of my vulva turned blackish, the bumpies on my b___sts, the nausea, gaggieness, strong sense of smell/spotting. The headaches have toned down and the nausea is much better. Hope you all enjoy the weekend. Will look out for your test results.



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