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Lala - November 22

I usually can eat 4-5 slices and last night I could only eat 1 this possibly a sign, like maybe stomach is stretching?thanks


well, - November 22

could be a sign


me - November 22

I doubt it.


Kim - November 22

No. It probably isn't. Do you have any other signs? Like a missed period? Sore b___bs? Nausea? Have you been breaking out? How many days past ovulations are you? Have you missed your period yet? There are 1,000 websites out there that talk about signs of preganancy. I would google it out there and see if you fit in with any of them.


lala - November 22

I am 4 days late and have sore b___sts. I get that occasionally but the pizza thing really threw me.thanks


to lala - November 22

are you trying to be funny?


mmm - November 22

pizza sounds good, maybe that is a sign!


to lala - November 22

Does your question make sence? If your stomach was streching you would be able to eat more, not less.


Ashley - November 22

I'm 6 1/2 wks along and I haven't had any morning sickness or anything yet but I've noticed I can't eat as much as I used to. I find myself starving and then I sit down to eat I get full super fast. I've read that when you are pregnant your digestion really slows down and that is one reason for constipation too. So yes, It could be a sign. Good Luck Lala.


Daisy Jean - November 22

I have not been interested in food. I'm hoping that means something, but I think if you're talking about not having room, that isn't very likely. Good luck.


kim - November 23

4 days late and sore b___bs sound like a good sign. Some people are lucky enough to feel the difference btwn pregnancy sore b___bs and PMS sore b___bs. Before I took my HPT I knew I was pregnant because one morning I went to jump in the shower and my b___bs felt totally different. I rememeber saying to myself, "This is it." I would take a HPT. I do have one comment about Pizza though. When I first found out I was pregnant (I am know 22 weeks along), all I could eat was Pizza. Couldn't get enough.



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