PLanned Parenthood Is Freaky

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Natalie - May 20

I went there today in hopes of getting a test done...there were protesters outside yelling at me..becaues i think there were abortions going on today, and planned parenthood wont do test today until later, so im not gonna test there today. I really dont want to go back...but I want to get examed if i have a negative test again to see what else it could be! Any ideas? My period was due on the 2nd of May! I tested last on Tuesday and getting another test at the dollar store today cause I really want to know.


sarah - May 20

Unless you have insurance, and/or a docotor. Planned Parenthood is your best bet. They are better than walking into just any clinic because they understand women's issues specifically. Guess you have to ignore the protesters--sounds like they have nothing better to do except harra__s people for no good reason. Two weeks late is pretty late if you are regular. But sometimes, you can have a cycle where you don't ovulate, and might not get a real period. Could also be some other hormonal problem or have you been exercising a lot or have lost a lot of weight lately?


SM - May 20

Planned Parenthood usually has protesters on Fridays. Just ignore them. They are protesting abortion and birth control methods.


michelle - May 20

You can call the clinic and find out when it is the best time to go in for a pregnancy test. That way you will avoid the protesters. Years ago I lived in a community that had two family planning clinics. The protesters were such a pain in the a__s that no matter how we, the residents, of this community felt about abortion, we all hated the protesters for tearing it up and hara__sing any girl or woman who happened to walk by. They destroyed property and injured people. I can't imagine Jesus sanctioning that type of behavior and I don't know why we as communities put up with it. Eventually, the protesters went away, but not before it got ugly with the cops, other business owners, random people off the street, etc. For a lot of women, those clinics were their only health care. And the protesters compromised it by their single-minded zeal and their rush to save the baby but who cares about the woman.


lulu - May 24

You can find a pregnancy help clinic, they generally do free testing and dr. referals they also offer help with maternity clothes, baby clothes etc. and there aren't any protesters.


pita - May 24

I an currently TTC, does parent planned hood help with that?


colleen - May 24

some planned parenthoods do abortions on fridays but not all. Maybe you could find one that doesn't or find out what their hours are. They usually have specific hours for walking in and getting birth control, tests, etc. They will not usually let you in the door on those abortion days. I felt more comfortable going to one who doesn;t perform abortions. Who wants to be hara__sed like that when you are not the one getting an abortion


Heather - May 29

Planned Parenthood is a great resource for those who don't have insurance or maybe don't want anyone to know that they may be pregnant. The protestors were obviously barking up the wrong tree but they are trying to save innoscent lives. Planned parenthood provides many services that ensure children aren't accidentally created (Birth control and etc) but they do take lives also. That is freaky... I am 8 months pregnant and my circ_mstances were not the best but since the 1st time I felt my child move in my womb I have truly been disgusted by the idea of killing an unborn fetus. If you are pregnant, please look into the details of abortion before you make a choice...there's a good chance ur not--- variationn in cycles is very common.


To Heather - May 29

The problem is that women should be able to get the help that they need without a bunch of lunatics screaming at them and waving grotesque pictures in their face. They could let people know how they feel without being intimidating bullies about it.


sarah - July 8

I feel the same way, hun. I have tooken a test to see if I was and it also came back negative... I took another one and it came back slightly positive but I still really want to know!!!! I was supposed to start my period in may and I havent started yet... And the only place that will give blood test is planned parent hood.. and I ahve been there and It is freaky!



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