Play The WAITING GAME No Really Its A Game

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Natalie + Dominic - April 26

1) day one of our cycle - now really, lets see whos AF is the worst! how long have we been waiting for this drasted AF to join us. here is where we all explain how late we were, and the stupid smptoms of pregnancy that fooled us into beliving we were pregnant AGAIN! 2)day 7 - for most of us AF will have finished by now. we can share our tactics, and see who becomes pregnant with each tactic. maybe we can vary our bd'ing to these tactics. 3) FERTILE PERIOD!!!!!!!! i doubt i will see much of any of us here, because your all off having s_x!!!! and most will be a bit to knackered to come online. this time, allour research will have paid off. everyone will hopefully have done bits of research about trying to concieve etc, and shared our findings. each of us will be trying new tactics and seeing what that cycle will bring. 4) then of corse WAITING TIME! and of corse we shall qall be experiencing symptoms we have had a million times but we our fooling ourselves into truely believing that these are different in some way or another!!!! everyone shall more than likely be testing early, but the challenge is, who can go the longest without testing. all of our pee on a stick fetishes will have to now be overcome so that we all can treuly experience not knowing until our af is truely late for her visit. - the game is, numbers, how many days past ovulation can we all go without testing to see if we have managed to make a baby. this makes waitiong harder, but its more fun. the key is to be honest tho. any other aspects people can think of to throw in, be my guest


viv - April 26

Sounds fun to me! This is my first month off the pill, so I'm not sure about when I should be fertile or anything, but I will play along. I think I am either right in the fertile period or right after it, so I am mostly just waiting until the 10th of May right now. But I was irregular before I went on the pill, so who knows when I should really be expecting AF!! I guess we will see!


Alex - April 26

Natalie - good on you for starting the game! I'm getting close to o day and I am planning to use the bd every other day plan. i didn't have much of a plan last month - so we shall see. I'm glad you mentioned the challenge about HPTs - I have decided not to test this month until at least the day AF is due - but hey - I could change my mind by then! Hi Viv!


viv - April 26

We have been bding every day to every other day so far this month, no real plan as of yet besides that. I am going to try and wait to take an hpt until a week after af should be due, since I just got off the pill and have no idea when to expect it...but we'll see if I can hold off that long! Hi Alex! How long have you all been ttc?


stacey - April 26

Good job N+D!!! I will truely be a hard thingfor me to do (have 2 tests in my cabinet), but I'm IN!!!


bump - April 27



Lindsey - April 27

There you are girls! I'm def in on this one! Great thinking Nat! I'm on I've got about 10 days to start using opk's! I hope I don't throw in the towel and test! But I will def be honest! Hope to hear from u all soon!!! :)


?? - April 27



Alex - April 27

Viv - this is my 2nd month. If you start clocking your temps that will give you some idea of what is happening over the month. Everyone - for the benefit of those new to these threads - how about a quick personal profile. Home - London, UK. TTC - 2nd month. Cycle length - 27-30 days. AF due - 14 May. O - coming soon. Family - dh and no kids, yet! and so on. Thought for the day - stop lining the pockets of HPT companies!!! I have one left from last month - lets see how long that lasts...and I will be very honest with you.


viv - April 27

ok my personal profile...home-Missouri. TTC-1st month. Cycle length-not sure yet! AF due-May 10(maybe). O-I think I'm just past it. Family-boyfriend of 6 years and no kids yet. Alex---I have always wanted to visit London!! I have 2 tests at home, I'm going to hold off as long as I possibly can! I'll let you all know!


stacey - April 27

Home- outside of Philly Pennsylvania. Family- hubby of 1 year. TTC- started in Nov, pregnant in Dec. M/c in Jan, so trying again after that. Have 2 tests here and will try my hardest not to use them. O should be soon-anytime between now and next week. AF-around the 19th (cycles are still regulating from m/c).


ruby - April 27

I'm in girls!! I'm not sure if I'm outta my fertile period. My periods are very irregular (my dr actually put me on progesterone 'cause AF hadn't showed in ~70 days!!) I had a +OPK last Wed. AND this past Mon. so me and dh took care of business during both time just in case :) Home-Texas, TTC-3 months. PG in Nov. last year, miscarried 3 wks later. I'm hoping this time we got it right. I'm the queen of spending tons of $$ on HPT's (I bought about 10 last month) so this will be a very good challenge. I might get antsy around May 9th!!


dm - April 27

i'm in too!! anything to keep me from taking yet ANOTHER hpt. last month bought 10 off internet and as of today i have one left. i wasted half of them just taking them for the heck of it...home..south carolina, ttc..9 months, cycle is 28 days, af due 5/4, o'd on 4/19, family..dh and dd (2 years old and acting it). all blood work from doc came back normal last week and next month scheduled for a hsg. hoping it will help!! baby dust****


ruby - April 27

dm--excuse my ignorance, but what is an hsg? just curious :)


stacey - April 27

Ruby, thanks for asking I don't know either :)


Steph - April 27

Hey can I join you ladies? This will be very hard for me since I am addicted to hpts!!! I am on cd 18 today.... I should ovulate in the next few days. Profile: from Oregon, dh and I have been trying for 4 months, when I went off bc - ttc #1 - af due May 10 - O due 25th. Thats about it. We haven't been doing anything different this month, just trying the every other day thing. Keeping my fingers crossed! This game is a great idea. Good luck


Steph - April 27

Oops... I just realized its the 27th today and I ovulated on the 25th. Well forget what I said about ovulating in a few days, because I already did. Duh! dh and I are moving into our new house and things have been very hectic... and I guess I lost track of the date! Oh well, there is a small chance I will still get my bfp this month!!!



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