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Petal78 - March 3

Girls My AF was on 01/30 , I ovulated on 02/21 - 02/22 and i am thinking i am on 11DPO ... I am usually on 29 day cycle but twice i have been on 35 days... My AF should come on 03/02 (29 dc) OR 03/07 (35 dc). I also have sore bb and lower back ache past few days. I also had white discharge past 3 days. I am not sure if I am preg. Please let me know when I should be testing. Any advice is really appreciated!!!!!


krissy2006 - March 3

You should test within the next 4-7 days and if the test is negative it could be too earily and then try again the next week. If still negative and no period . . . well maybe you ovulated later than you thought. Obviously there is the possibility that you will get AF or you WILL GET YOUR BFP!!! YAY!!! GL girl!!


Petal78 - March 3

Thanks Krissy!!! I really dont want AF to come... Keeping my fingers crossed.. Will let you know whatever the results


Megs - March 3

If you are having a 29 DC I would test tomorrow with FMU and if BFN wait until 3/7 to test with FMU and if still BFN test every few days until either BFP OR af arrives... Good luck!!! Let us know what happens. :-)


Petal78 - March 5

Ladies!!! Last nite i woke up around 3AM with Severe cramping. I thought i will end up with AF. The pain was unbearable and i almost went to the medicine cabinet for a painkiller. But around 4 AM the cramping pain subsided and disappeared. But then my lower back started to hurt ... My b___sts are still sore and i do have slight discharge... I checked in the morning and i haven't got my periods yet. I am on CD35 or you can say 14 DPO.... I tested on 11DPO and was BFN !!! Really confused as to whats happening ....


Petal78 - March 5

Megs!!! Thank you. I cant wait to see the two lines :)


tonia - March 5

Petal, with allthat going on, you should test today! ; )


Megs - March 5

Petal, with your cramping and all, I would still say to wait another two days to test with FMU but if you can't, test tomorrow with FMU!!! It does sound promising!!! :-) GOOD LUCK! Gosh, I'm getting excited for ya!!! LOL



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