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crystal - September 28

i was wondering can hoping your pregnant delay your period?not stressing just hoping?and do all women have little white bumps on there br___ts?or is it only a pregnancy thing?i had s_x around 8 times in late june maybe early july.i think not sure but i think i missed my period and had it a week later but it was regular.then the next month which was august i missed it but this time it was unusually shorter i didnt think i could be pregnant but i realized that it was shorter and thats a sign right?i usually have my period for 7 to 8 days this time it was only 4 to 5 days and only one time i had a little i been having off and on nausea br___t pains and i usually dont have br___t pains before my period.ive had them all month and very mild cramps.ive also had off and on mucus type discharge then it'll be a creamy type is that normal?then sometimes i get these sharp pains in my va___a what could that be?is there a website i can read about that?ive been lazy but maybe because i sleep late andsleep all day but then when i wake up ill still be tired.also sometimes when i go pee after i get up and leave the bathroom it feels like more is coming out.what could that be?but the thing is my stomach hasnt gotten any bigger from what i can see except ive been eating alot more and getting off and on cravings.also sometimes ill get this tingling feeling in my va___a what could that be?sorry for asking so many questions but i just wanna know cuz i took like 3 or 4 hpt and they all came negative.i was allready supposed to start my period about 6 days what do u think....please answer i need some advice


crystal - September 28

also ive been really emotional like mood swings one minute ill be happy then ill be mad then ill be crying is it too early for me to be having mood swings?


missy - September 28

it sounds like your pregnant to me. if you can make an appointment for the docs, he/she can do blood test. they are more accurate than an hpt. if you can't make an appointment soon enough, you can always go to the emergency room and request a pregnancy test. good luck!


Viv - September 28

That's a pretty good description of many of the signs of early pregnancy. You should a__sume you are pregnant until a doctor tells you otherwise - no alcohol, take prenatal vitamins etc. If you can't get a home test to show positive, go to the doc or clinic and ask for a quant_tative blood test.



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