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A - December 19

I have pumps on my br___ts but i think that they have always been there...they arent white they are the same clolor as my skin and my nipples are getting darker but I have blue veins running around them...I have a gyno appt. wed. but i am extremely nervous... is that always a true sign or could they still be growing seeing that I am only 17?


Grandpa Viv - December 19

The bumps around your areola are the Montgomery tubercles that have always been there but become more pronounced in (early) pregnancy. They may become white because they contain a lubricating fluid. Together with the darkening of the areola and the veins in the b___sts, they represent a strong indication of pregnancy. I expect you also have other early pregnancy signs. It's nice to have a gyno checkup at this time, but I doubt you will come out any the wiser than a urine test will tell. Visit We wish you the best!


A - December 19

I meant to say that they are NOT darker and the bumps are NOT white...


Sarah - December 19

Just an FYI....I have had the little bumps around my b___sts for as long as I can remember. Mine were traditionally a little darker in colour....however, not that Grandpa Viv has mentioned....they are whitish....hhmm....I would imagine if you were pregnant you would have other symptoms by now.


A - December 19

I guess though i am saying that my question is still not answered whether or not you could still have the veins and not be pregnant? I am 17...we used protection and i dont want to be pg. we were safe... I had s_x on the 10th and i ovulated the 8th. was that a bad decision? could i be pg? the only other symptom i would have is ga__syness...but i also heard that could be stress-related....


Grandpa Viv - December 19

If you had s_x two days after you know you ovulated, in theory you are safe. The egg is only supposed to be good for 24 hours. On top of that you were careful. It is possible to stress yourself into actual signs without being pg. Next Wednesday you should be getting your period. If for some reason it doesn't come down, try a home test on the 29th. Good luck again.


A - December 20

what if i had s_x 2 or 3 days before that really bad...


... - December 20



Grandpa Viv - December 20

Unprotected s_x 1 day before ovulation is the most risky at 35% probability. By 3 days before it is down to only 20% probability.



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