Please Answer About False Positives

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UnLuckyLady1903 - May 3

my lmp was 4/4/06 and 10 days after i had finished my period i did a hpt and it was the 1 u dip in a cup and it turned out positive and 2 more after that the followin day only with first morning urine and they were faint. i didnt dip them in the cup though i peed directly onto them would this affect the result. ? the lines were pink and they werent evaps i havnt had my period yet but they are irregular and its been 4 weeks since the last 1 and i havnt tested since. am i pregnant or is it false ? i did another test after that but i dipped it and it was negative. havnt a clue when my period is due. i dont have any signs i just have a bad yeast infection. please some1 get bk to me


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 3

plus i only had fertile mucus on sunday just gone but isnt it a bit late to ovulate?


Lin - May 3

Was there anything strange about your last period? It's possible that perhaps it wasn't your period but implantation bleeding. False positives are very rare, so two false positives in one day would pretty much be unheard of. How much later did you take the third thest? It's possible that that was just a less sensitive test and so didn't pick up the pregnancy. You should go see a doc to make sure that your hcg levels are increasing as they should.


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 3

i took the next test 2 days later and didnt pick up anything


tucker12 - May 3

Unfortunately it is most likely a chemical will probably start your period a little late and it will be a little heavier than usual. But I am confused at why you would test 10 days after your most likely wouldn't have even ovulated yet???


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 14

well an update on this i have missed af i keep getting neg hpts and i am a week late cd 40 and not impressed my temps are up i duno when i o'd coz i had ewcm like 2 weeks ago then again yesterday and today both times with o pain. im having slight cramps but i also am not very well today, i have got a slight chest infection but its not too bad im not stressed but im on antiboitics now as far as i know from my doctor they cant cause a late period neither can having a chest infection plus i was late before the infection happened. i took a hpt yesterday and it was a bfn what are my chances of being pregnant? i felt a little pms this week but its gone and my nipples were very sore but arent now what could this mean?



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