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me - April 20

I just had some form of clear than white fluid come out of my br___ts, could i be pregnant?


nica - April 20

Yes - that's a sign of pregnancy!


me - April 20

Is that the only reason for nipple fluid? Could there be any other reasons for this?


me - April 20

I've had other symptoms of pregnancy but I'm on birth control and I had my period last month, which I though was a normal period. But who knows, I wasn't really paying much attention. My symptoms have been b___st soreness, fatigue, light-headed, mood swings and a few other things. Is this something that is confirming my suspicions or is this something that can happen without being pregnant?


to me - April 20

Yu can have bleeding while pregnant. I would go to doctor for a blood test.


Audrey - April 21

Me- Early lactation is a sign of pregnancy, although most women don't experience it until the third trimester. Along with your other symptoms, I'd say you're pregnant. Take a home pg test, and if it turns out positive, stop taking the b/c right away because it can harm the baby. Best wishes!


Me, real name Nicole - April 21

Thank you for your help. I actually just took a pg test and it came back neg. Maybe it was too soon to take the test? I'm not supposed to get my period for another week. I just don't understand what another reason would be. Somebody said it could be an STD, no it can't. I've been with my trustworthy, lovely boyfriend for 8 years! But if I am pregnant, I'm definetely not in my third trimester. If anyone else has had this, please let me know! Thank you


Nicole - April 21

Someone also said it could be cancer, I'm 23! How could it be cancer?


chriss - April 21

Nicole - please go to your Dr. if you are concerned. Noone on the board is an expert, some not even very bright if they are suggesting that your symptoms may be cancer. Some of us have more knowledge/experience than others, but noone here is qualified to clinically diagnose or give and opinion of a potentially serious desease. No offense to anyone here, but if someone doesn't know the answer to a question, than please don't answer it. It is better than freaking someone out by suggesting that they could have a potentially fatal desease, that's really stupid!! Nicole, please visit your Dr. Good luck to you!!!


Audrey - April 21

Nicole- If your period is not due for another week, it's too early for a pg test. Most pg tests will work around the time your period is due. It's hard to wait but hopefully this will be solved soon.


sonia - April 21

no you are not pregnant


little input - April 21

Since Nicole is only 23 the chance of b___st cancer is very slim. But I agree with Chriss: go to a doctor. Also to Chriss: I don't want to be an alarmist, but as a matter of fact, one of the symtoms of b___st cancer is discharge from the b___st. On this site they say that most often when people have any of the symptoms it is most often nothing! I friend of mine had discharge from her b___st once and it turned out to be nothing. But she went to the doctor to get definite answers. ALSO check out they also mention that women who have never been pregnant might experience nipple discharge without a reason - because the b___st is after all a gland! On that site they also have a whole list of discharge questions you might want to check out before you call your doctor. so don't worry Nicole, just go and have it checked out. Good luck!


Chriss to little input - April 21

Thank you for the info, but my concern is the fact that we live in the information age and because we read something over the net doesn't make it so. None of us (including myself) are qualified to even suggest such a serious issue. I'm sure that Nichole will go to her Dr. as this isn't a general pregnancy symptom. I appreciate the supply of information, but sometimes we get to much info and can hurt more than help someone. I mean no offense by any means to anyone, just want to express my opinion (and it is only my opinion) Sorry to sound like nagg!!!


erica - April 21

I also have fluid from b___st. I went to dc and she told me that it was from hormonal inbalance. Bcp. Or there's times that you want to be pregnant so bad that you actually get your body thinking that its pregnant. Weird! But everybody is different so go to your dc. Everything will be okay. No it's not cancer. It has to do with your hormones. Take care! Thinks will turn out fine.


Nicole - April 21

Thank you all so much for your input. It just kind of freaked me out a little because I am not trying to conceive, although it wouldn't be unwanted if I was pregnant. I just never had this happen to me before and a month ago I had 2 people tell me that maybe I was pregnant, due to the fact that my b___sts hurt SO bad and I had headaches everyday which is uncommon. I now have been looking maybe a little too far into everything and keeping a diary on what my body does from day to day. Where I NEVER paid attention to anything before it was mentioned to me that maybe I was pregnant. So, I will go to the Dr.'s and see what's up and hopefully it's nothing. Thank you all for your suggestions!



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