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Sasha - November 16

I am 16 and I recently started having s_x. I have missed two of my perios. I have looked on a lot of websites to see the symptoms of pregnancy. I have mostly all of them. I dont know what to do. I cant tell my parents I tried telling my ex boyfriend but he didnt want to believe it. I really need some advice so please email me at [email protected] Thanks!


annaliese - November 16

what country are you in? Go to a clinic (they will not tell your parents) have a test and get some advice from there. good luck xxxxxx


sis - November 16

this advice is not related to your problem but never give out your contacts so easy to public. good luck to you!


Nic - November 17

I agree with annaliese. You need to go to get a preg. test done. If your not preg. I suggest going on the shot. Also, you shouldn't give out your e-mail address so freely. Good luck to you!


brittany - November 17

when you start having s_x for the first time, it is very normal to start experiencing different things with your body. your body is not used to intercourse, and it may throw your hormones all around. i am not saying that you are not pregnant, but it is very common for your body to react this way, just because s_x is foreign to you.


steph - November 17

you really need to go in and have a pregnancy test taken and then decide what would be best for you. You do have alot of options and should not make a decision too rationally. Know that if you are not able or willing to take care of a baby, there are many people out there who are trying to have children and can't and would be great parents to any child. Let us know how you are doing. xoxo


tammi - November 17

you should try to take a prenancy test because you might all worried for nothing . And then if you are you should really try and tell your parents they will be upset at first but they will get over it . And you will need there help with your doctors appointments and stuff . Well good luck .


m - November 17

Yeah, take a pregnancy test. I think it is possible that you are just paranoid and stressed out, so every little thing that happens to your body you may be taking as a sign of pregnancy. Many early signs of pregnancy are no different than the signs of PMS. So take a test, and find out for sure before worrying about telling anyone. And if you are, I bet your parents will be more supportive than you think... at least when the dust settles. good luck.


Ann - November 18

I was 17 when I got pregnant with my son and I tried to hide it from my mom. She found out from some insurance doc_ments that were sent to the house where we lived. It was not easy at all talking about it with her but I STRONGLY urge you to tell them so that they can help you make an informed decision. The first day you tell them it will be hard but just remeber that IT WILL GET EASIER after that-I promise. The initial shock will make them angry and then sad and probably a little disapponted at first but it will all work out no matter what you decide. I am 25 now and my son is 6 and I wouldn't trade him for the world. 1. Take the pregnancy test 2. If it's positive, inform your parents. 3. Make an appt. to see the doctor, they will be able to provide you with all the info neccessary so that you and ur parents can make an informed decision. Good Luck!!!



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