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kelly607 - March 25

Hi, I am 28 years old and have been TTC for 5 months now. I know that I have hit my O date every month. Please could somebody tell me when they say on average it could take 6 months. Do you think they mean just couples bd'ing regular or does it mean even if you hit O date every month you would still only have a 20% chance each month??? I would love to know the answer to this as I am starting to panic that something is up with me as all my friends that started trying at the same time or after me are all currently pg however I haven't fallen yet and am starting to consider seeing my dr??? Would love to know how long it took people to get pg and if so whether or not you were charting etc etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this would love to know your answers. :o)


kalokairi - March 25

even if you do everything perfectly & the stars all align and you hit lotto on o day, you still only have a 28% chance. 80% of women under 30 will get pregnant in 1 year, the rest within 2 and 3. dont get upset yet. they suggest seeing your dr after one year of solid trying and start with having dh get a s____n a___lysis.


kelly607 - March 25

thank you for the quick response that gives me hope. Thank you :o)


clindholm - March 25

It took us 15 months and we used opk's. Usually they say depending on age- to see your doc if 6 months trying & under 30. Over 30 check w/doc after 1 year. Not sure how accurate that is, I read it somewhere a few years ago & it may have changed.


BeckyBunny - March 25

even if you are charting and for sure know when you O every month and you're always regular, it can still take up to a year to conceive naturally. Most doctors will not even start fertility testing until 12 months of TTC. Be sure you don't bd TOO much - more than once a day will make your DH have low sperm count and actually make it harder to conceive. If you have completely regular cycles, consider getting a s____n a___lysis for your DH. Most insurances don't cover that anyway, so you can just get it done independently and from what I hear it costs a couple hundred.


angcandy - March 25

i'm in the exact same boat as you kelly. i am 28 years old and i've been ttc for a few months now. everytime i think we hot the bullseye with no fail...i am wrong. this month feel different. i have some symptoms, but then again, could just be the big bad af. i will find out next week when she's due. good luck & keep trying!


annmarie - March 25

I'm also 28 and me & DH have now been trying for 13 months. Typically they don't start any treatments until you've been trying for a year if you're under 30. We had the s____n a___lysis done after 10 months and I just had the hsg done this cycle. Tubes were open so I was also supposed to start Clomid. However, the ultrasound showed a couple cysts so I have to wait another month. I do know how extremely frustrating it is when all you want is a baby!! This site is a great source of support and info though. However, it never hurts to ask your doc when they start testing. Some are very aggressive and will start early. Unfortunately it sounds like your cycles are great so I would imagine that they would want to wait. Good luck and welcome to the insane world of ttc!!!


Naomi98 - March 25

Kelly, believe me you're not alone. Seriously, almost every woman on this forum manages to bd in or around o'day every month and we're all still waiting! I'm ttc for 12 months, charting for 6 so I know when I ovulate and still nada. If you want to take a first step towards checking your fertility, get your dh/bf to do a sperm a___lysis, as Becky says. We did that fairly early on and found that dh had low count - but still high enough for us to try naturally. I've also had a progesterone test at 7dpo as i was spotting a lot before af. turns out I've low progesterone which the doctor said was probably a major reason why we hadn't conceived so far. so this is my first month on progesterone tablets, 11dpo and NO spotting, so I'm feeling happier already! Both of those tests are relatively affordable and totally noninvasive so a good place to start. Good luck hun, we all know how you feel.


mrsherzog - March 25

Sometimes i believe its all luck and chance. For example, I didn't temp or use an OPK, i just monitored my cervical mucous. We got pg one month after we started trying and mc. Four months later i am pg again. i wonder why it took that long, but i think thats just how it goes. if i was you and seriously trying, i would give it one solid year before i would be questioning. if you're anxious you can always mention it to the dr but they tend to be cavalier about it unless its been at least a year. good luck and try to have fun with it.


kelly607 - March 28

Hi girls, thank you for answering my question you have made me feel like I am not alone in this!!! Well just an update really I have booked an appt with my Dr for Monday as I have had two UTI's in a couple of months so they just want to check that they have now definitely gone. I am going to mention my situation to them while I am there as the last time I went I mentioned that I have spotting before AF however had just come off BC and they said it was probably due to that however 15 months on and it is still happening!! They said that if it isn't gone they will do hormone blood tests and a scan. Well I should be approaching O at the weekend so goodluck all of you and will update after my dr appt :o) xx



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