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mg - September 20

I just have a quick question. Do you consider your first day to start your period the day you see brown discharge or red blood. I did a calculated ovulation over the last few days, and it said my cycle ended on the 21rst, on that day I got a dark brown stuff, and the next day I got blood. So this month I calculated my ovulation on the day I saw blood (22nd) last month. To sum this up If I used the 21rst as my first day, today I should get my period (which I havent) If I use the 22ng I should get it tommorrow. Please let me know ASAP!!


jen - September 20

the first day of your period or cycle day 1 should be when you see red blood. good luck


angel baby - September 20

Count from the first day of true blood flow...all the other light brownish, mixtures are premenstrual spotting or implantation spotting depending on where you are in your cycle.


mg - September 20

I checked with two MDs I work with, and both said the first day of you cycle is when you see the dark brown discharge(heavier type) the day before the red blood. They both said that it is still blood and counts as the first day. So if you notice heavy brown discharge on the 21rst and blood on the 22nd, you count the 21rst as the day of your first cycle. I thought that was interesting.


Karen - September 20

When I started charting I asked my gyno lots of questions and they way he explained it was, you would consider the first day of your period they day you had a true flow that required tampon/pad/pantyliner and that the brown mucus was just premenstrual spotting. Unless you have alot of brown blood that is requiring the use of a pad I wouldn't consider it as af. If the brown is a heavy flow of brown you might want to get it checked out as that can sometimes be a sign of a problem.


Victoria - September 20

I would use the day as soon as you seen the dark stuff.....Good Luck


tonya - September 20

the book taking charge of your fertility says cd1 is the first day of a true "flow" if your not charting then i guess it doesn't matter and consdier your af whenever you want but for charting the red flow is what counts


TC - September 20

I agree with mg


mg - September 20

The brown stuff I am talking about is not the spotting type stuff (like right after a period light and scant) It is the dark stuff sometimes mixed with a small streak of blood, that would make you say "Oh I just got my period." They said that it is just left over blood from your last cycle, but that it is still blood coming out and should be seen as a start of a period. I have been charting with a fertility chart and I have a perfect 30 day cycle. EVERY TIME it says end of cycle, I start the dark brown stuff followed by blood within 8-12 hours.



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