Please Be My Month

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AndreaD - February 23

I have been TTC for what feels like ages and even have a lap booked for April. I am really trying not to get my hopes up. i am 12dpo. I have had only what I can describe as an EXTREME thirst and dry mouth since 2dpo. It is still here. I am constantly drinking water. Funny taste in mouth - unsure if metallic, but funny nevertheless... And the big one for me this morning - my temp spiked to 98.97 which is the highest since I ever started temping 5 months ago. Now, I have been guilty of imagining many symptoms in the past. But there is no way on this earth that my thirst is not there... Please pray for me... x


nan007 - February 23

you are in my prayers....and things sound & baby dust!!!


2ndtimeround - February 23

wishing you lots and lots of ~*~*~*~babydust~*~*~*~*


BrendaW - February 23

Good Luck! When are you testing?


AndreaD - February 23

I think I will wait til 14 dpo, if I have the will power ! Still continuously drinking...


sarahd - February 23

Good luck Andrea! Do you have a chart on FF?


AndreaD - February 23

I don't have a chart on FF - will do one tonight I think. Can I put in all my temps tonight ? I've never had a temp as high as 99 (37.21 here in England!) so I am suspicious. Think I might have had a bad sleep last night tho - may that have affected it. I have had a temp dip between 6-8 dpo too this month. But this constant thirst is just something else ! What do you guys think (obviously I know no one will know, but wonder if anyone has a similar story where they ended up with a BFP) x


sososleepy - February 23

I'm going with the taste - I had that when I was pg, although it was more of a smell and taste between odd mint and metal: wierd. Add that to the temp spike, and I think the odds are in your favor. Toss me some of those odds? Good luck!


AndreaD - February 23

Thanks sososleepy! My bbs aren't as sore as they usually are post ov - they are usually very painful from ov to af. If my temp is still so high tomorrow I will be encouraged :) Just can't think of anything else that would have made this thirst come on so suddenly at 2dpo and last until now (12dpo).



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