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Kair_free2 - November 2

So, I don't really have any symptoms other than being REALLY tired and overly emotional (but the overly emotional thing is usually pretty par for the course with my periods...). I've been s_xually active with my bf - usually using condoms, but we never put them on right away. We've had completely unprotected s_x once or twice this month...but it's been during the "non-fertile" window of my normally regular cycle. Here's the thing: I can't remember when my last period was!! I NEVER have this happen....but for some reason i can't for the life of me remember. Until the other day when my roommate took a preg. test because she's a week late - and then I remembered noting that we had starting at the same time last month. So now I'm concerned. Could I be preg if I'm a week late as well - but not having symptoms? I'm so confused! Help!


Kair_free2 - November 2

I forgot to mention that for the last week and a half or so I've been feeling over due to have a period. I've been expecting it to show, but it hasn't. I dont know, seems like it would be wayyy to big of a coincidence if both my roommate and I ended up preggo at the same time...i wouldn't want to steal her thunder! Am I overreacting? Sorry this is so long....


jenn W - November 2

In my opinion, you should just take a test to ease your mind. If your roommate was late, then chance are that is why you are. A lot of women's cycles get messed up if someone around them is late. I know it happens to me a lot. Also, please take my advice, if you are not ready to be a mother, go on the pill or another form of birth control. There are so many options. If you aren't pregnant and if you aren't ready to be a parent, please just go one something. (please don't take this as my judging, I am saying it for your happiness) When I was younger, I had a few friends who got pregnant and I can not tell you how awful it was to see them so upset and confused. Don't put yourself in that situation. If you get a negative test, you'll forget how scared you are right now......but try not to and protect yourself. Now, if wanted a baby, then I wish you luck! :) Jenn


Kair_free2 - November 2

Thanks for your response jenn! I didn't mention it before, but I have tried several forms of birth control but they've all made me terribly sick. I've tried numerous forms of the pill and also the ring and the patch - all make me vomit. I think I've just given up on using birth control, and so I've resorted to only condoms. know how that is, it's WAY too easy to get "caught up in the moment" and go without one for at least a little bit. So if you have any other ideas for birth control (that don't include hormones!) I'd be glad to hear them! Maybe I will wait a day or two and test I guess. I still can't believe i can't remember when af was here last. Scary.


nkk4U - November 2

yes you could be with my first one i had no symptoms only that i was late and i took a test when i was 2 weeks late and found out i was almost 7 weeks pregnant good luck


Grandpa Viv - November 2

Late and REALLY tired are good enough signs to cause concern. How about b___bs, ga__sy, peeing more, lotion discharge, appet_te, smells, fav. foodz, headache, backache, breathless, dizzy, nausea, runny nose, acne? That condom needs to be on the whole time, not just right after he "almost" came. Test soon. Good luck!


Kair_free2 - November 2

Grandpa viv - I've been giving it more thought, and i remember a span about a week ago that lasted a day or two where i had my usual symptoms of af coming - sore b___bs, aching lower back, etc...but i dont have any of those things anymore. now i'm just super tired to the point where my body physically aches cause i'm so tired every morning, and i've felt sporatic bursts of nausea last night and the night before (really late) but it might have just been because i went too long without eating. you also mentioned lotion cm?? I definitely have was very abundant and noticeable last week especially when i went to the bathroom. If i had these signs, but don't anymore - does this mean my period will most likely be around the corner? Thanks for your help - i really appreciate it!!


Grandpa Viv - November 2

Preg signs come and go. In my opinion you should run out to the Dollar Store and buy a home preg test and run it first pee when you wake up tomorrow. Good luck!


Kair_free2 - November 4

I haven't taken your advice and go buy a preg test yet because I have been having cramps the last few days and they got stronger last night - feels like af is about to come on. Been this way for about 5 days now off and on....but still no period! Every night i go to sleep feeling POSITIVE i'm going to wake up with it...but somehow it's just not here yet. So.....still any point in taking a test when I feel like af should be here? Is it possible to feel that way and be pregnant?


tonicallyinluv - November 4

I would still take a test, many women cramp around the time of af during their pregnancy. It isn't uncommon at all...honestly the only definite answer you are going to have is to test, you can get them for a dollar at the dollar store, so honestly that is going to be your best bet. but the answer to your question is yes still test, cramps can come hand in hand with early pregnancy!


Kair_free2 - November 5

Grandpa viv - I tested this morning and it was negative. What now...? I still have sign of af and am almost two weeks late now. This NEVER happens to me. Should I dismiss the possiblity of being pregnant at this point and think about other things that might be causing a missed period? Or do you think I still could be? Please give advice! Thanks!


Kair_free2 - November 5

(I meant to say that I still have no sign of af.)


Grandpa Viv - November 5

You may have a cyst which is giving you occasional false pregnancy signs. Take a couple more tests at weekly intervals, if you want. Then wait and see what happens when your next period is due. If that is missing too, it will be time to make a doc visit no matter what the cause. Good luck!


Kair_free2 - November 7

Today I thought maybe I was starting my period - but I think I was wrong....there was a thin stringy strip of blood (sorry TMI i know!) it was weird. Bright red...but not "bloody"...just a stringy peice of it when wiping. no other spotting or sign of anything since. Could this have possibly been implantation bleeding? Or is it way too late in the cycle for it to be implantation (since i'm already 2 weeks late)? What could this have been? Sound like pregnancy or something different? Please input...i'm really curious about what this could have been. Strange.


mjvdec01 - November 7

Kair- what are you waiting for... go to the doctor! Get a blood test and find out for sure. Maybe they can even do and untrasound to check for a cyst like grandpa viv said. Are you afraid? If you are pregnant then you need to know asap. If not then maybe you need treatment for whatever is going on with you. good luck


MrsSmacker - November 7

well, you could be... pregnancy attends to stop ur period 3weeks after the s_xual intercourse... u just mite b... wait untill the end of the month... if it dosent come then get checked out...x


Kair_free2 - November 7

Ok, well I just wanted to update for those of you who gave me help! I started my period today. So....thank you sooo much for your input - I really appreciate it! Good luck to everyone - babydust to all! :-D



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