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Kayla - December 9

On November 28 I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend. Two days ago my stomach was cramping really bad. Yesterday I had a short spotty period. My stomach still hurt. I took a pregnancy test but, it came up negative. My br___ts are swollen and sore. I am having to urinate at least once an hour. I would like to be pregnant. But do you really think that I am and if not; can you tell me a few ways to increase my chances?


suzy - December 10



r - December 10

you could already be pregnant, but it's too soon for the test to show. Wait a couple of days then try another test - I did a digital one and it was really good. Best inverstment ever, better than the one at the doctor's office. Do the test in the morning; i have heard it's better if you do it in the morning.


A.V. - December 10

Depending on when your last af was, it could have been implantation. r how early did you take the test?


r - December 10

oh, i didn't finish answering the rest of your question...if you want to increase your chances i suggest having s_x every 2-3 days. The sperm will last in side you for 72 hours and so if you do it every 2-3 days the sperm count stays high and you will always have sperm inside for when you are ovulating. But please be sure that this is what your boyfriend wants as well...otherwise you are only making trouble for your self and him...and perhaps others around you. It will not be fun at all.


judy - December 11

You sound just like me. You had spottnening and your stomach hurts. Well, I don't trust the urine tests and only give the edvice to go get a blood test like I told many people. I also hope that I am pregant and my test came out neg. too. So what I can tell you is wait a while at least till the next period and if it's too late or very light or even when it's normal and you still feel something isn't right go get a blood test. To increase your chances of becoming pregnant, after your period sleep with your boyfriend about 11 to 12 days after your last period ended. And to increase it even more sleep with him within a week before your next period that is when the egg is easier to fertilize and soon you will bee on your marry way. GOOD LUCK! I hope this helps.



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