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stacey - March 2

alright, this might be a bit different for you. I had a miscarriage on the 28th of Jan. Husband and I bd on the 9,11, 14,15,16. I also chart my temps and have been around 97.8- 98.0. Then on the 22 I had a huge dip 97.5, but it went back up and is now at 98.2 (for 4 days) which is where it was when I found out I was pregnant before. I have some pregnancy symptoms, but not very strong ones. Dull tenderness in br___ts, a twinge below my belly button, have had excema flair ups, and bowel movements like when I was pregnant. I have taken many hpt which were neg. and a quantative blood test yesterday which was 7. My nurse said it would still be from miscarriage, not to worry. Oh, I had spotting- brown and brown cm from 16-22 (dip) then nothing. She said this might have been a period, but I keep reading you won't get a period before your level drops below 5. My question is, if this is my level, do you think it is from d&e, or is it possible to be very early pregnancy and have that low level. I know the #'s double every few days, could it be possible that it started at 2??/ Hope this doesn't seem dumb, but have been reading about lots of girls getting back to 0 after 2 weeks. My dr. didn't even want to give me this test, but I begged b/c I'm having surgery tomorrow and will have a valium- don'twant to take it if I am pregnant. HELP please!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 2

I don't see any clear indication from your charting that you ovulated in February. A quant_tative blood of 7 is not enough to hang a pregnancy on. The for-sure-not level is 3. Another quant_tative would show if it is heading lower or higher. My guess is that you can take the valium. Good luck with thesurgery!


stacey - March 3

Thanks, the confusing part is that I only started charting temps on the 13th, which hopefully would have been past ovulation time. Another story plot thickener is that last night I started to get those cramps under my belly-feeling almost sure that af was on the way, but this am my temp went up to 98.6. I will go through with the surgery- and check next week if I am pg- possibly this temp is a fluke.


stacey - March 3

anyone else???


bump - March 3



... - March 4



lyla - March 4

Stacey, have you tested again?



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