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B - October 26

I have 2 questions, during ovulation my CM has had a stronger odor. I believe it may be chlamydia or vaginitis that has just shown up. Anyways I believe I have concieved and I am very worried for the baby. My first question is will treatment for these infections harm the baby? And my second question is I had a small spot of blood approximately 2-3 days after ovulation this month. Would that be too soon for implantation bleeding.


Viv - October 26

The first questions are for a doctor to answer. The spotting does sound a tad early for implantation, but maybe the little b.... was in a hurry. We'll join in hoping you are experiencing early symptoms a week before your period is due.


Jodie - October 26

When does implantation take place. I am not due for my period until the 7th but had one strand 2 different times today of what looked like a blood clot. Does that sound like implantation or is it to early?


E - October 26

Implantation can take place anytime btw 5-10 days post ovulation. I think 7 days is the norm. Please see someone about the possible chlamydia. This disease has been know to render women sterile and it alone possibly could hurt your baby, treatment aside. Miscarriage could be a problem. They will give you antibiotics and many ab's are safe during pregnancy. Let them know you may be pregnant so they can choose the right one for you, if you have that problem.


Jodie - October 26

I got a blood test done on Friday. It was a negative. If implantation took place today would it still show a neg.last Fri.


Kelly - October 27

How do you know that you have chlamydia??? What were you symptons?????


B - October 27

I am going to the Doctors this thursday. I have had full plans on going to the doctor it is just hard to get an appt. quickly for a pap smear. I know that chlamydia can cause infertility but I have only been with two people and tested between both therefore I could have only contracted this within the last 3 months and symptoms just showed up last month and only lasted 2 days each month. That is why I didn't go sooner.



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