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Kerry - March 1

I normally get my period every 28 days, but my last 2 periods have been every 30 days and they have been very light, so light I was unable to wear a tampon, and they only lasted 2 days and usually they are 4-5 days. I have also being getting back ache in my lower back, really back headaches, weeing a lot, very gassy, feeling sick and very tired and getting hot. I have done 4 hpts and all have come back negative. I am on the pill but I cant help thinking I may be pregnant. Please Help?


sarie_gracie - March 1

Kerry-- I am on the pill and I have like the same problems as you. The last period I had was like 2 days late and very light - didn't need to wear anything. I have been having period cramps and my b___bs feel swollen and they are tender and I have been super tired and a few other symptoms. I have taken a pregnancy test also...... negative. But I still have this funny feeling -- like something is different.... know what I mean? I know this doesn't help -- but you aren't alone!! :)


Kerry - March 2

Thanks sarie_gracie. Some how I just feel pregnant and like something is different. Would you be happy if you wre pregnant?


Audrey - March 2

Kerry- The pill isn't 100% foolproof. The symptoms you describe are early pregnancy signs. If the hpts have been coming back negative, see your doctor for a blood test which will tell for sure. If a positive result comes back you have to stop taking the pill right away and start taking pre-natal vitamins containing folic acid.


Kerry - March 3

Thanks Audrey! I have been to the docs and he did a blood test which is due back today/tomorrow and he has prescribed me folic acid to take and I have already stopped taking my pill just incase. But today I have started spotting and its only when I wipe, but it not a period its like a brown cm and I have no cramps. Can anyone help!! Is this implantation bleeding??


shaz - March 3

im not on the pill and have had the same thing and think i might be 14 weeks pregnant but negative tests.last period was like yours and i missed one in dec and am very late for one this have alot of signs!


Kerry - March 3

Hi Shaz I think if I am I will be about 8 weeks but its so frustrating not knowing, but I am quite excited that I might be. Are you ttc?


shaz - March 3

yes i am ttc.its a pain not knowing!


sarie_gracie - March 3

hey Kerry -- I would be happy but scared -- you know those first pregnancy jitter. My husband and I want to have children someday but we wanted a few years after getting married not a few months!! I go for a blood test tomorrow. I hope I get a positive!!!


Coco - March 3

Hey Shaz ! Can u tell me if ur belly is popping out too , if ur 14 weeks ur pants must be very tight.I checked myself in the mirror today and my thighs are the same only i am unable to close my jeans.Weird huh ? What r u gonna do then ? Go to the ER and demand a scan.Good luck to u !


shaz - March 4

yeah my belly is really big lower down,am wearing jog pants! im a bit over weight though so its hard to tell if im pregnant or just fat.Lol! but right side feels like a hard and lower belly eating only healthy food now to see if when i lose weight my belly get bigger. im in the UK so getting anything done like a scan can take some time and they would not take me seriously until i get a positive test.period is still late for this month and getting more discharge too?! going to do another test monday if period doesnt show.Good luck to everyone!



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