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suzan - March 27

hi..i last had my period on feb 17th(1st day).now i'm 10 days late.on feb 27th,my bf and i made out,but he did not come inside me.i took a couple of home pregnancy tests and a lab urine test.they all came out negative.could i still be pregnant?i used to have my period regularly before this.i have no signs of pregnancy.should i take any more tests?


shauna - March 27

Suzan, was there any was your boyfriend's c_m, or pre c_m got any where near your v____al opening? That can cause pregnancy.. it isn't common, but can still cause it. But if there is no way that your boyfriends c_m got anywhere near there, then there is no way you could be pregnant. Oh and.. stressing out about being pregnant, or about anything else can cause your period to be late. And also a change in diet or exercise, or if you have recently started or stopped birth control it can also cause your period to be late or irregular. Hope That helps!


Grandpa Viv - March 28

You had pull-out s_x on Day 10 of your cycle? That is one of your fertile days! Deny him entry until he gets some condoms, and get yourself some foam or film. With no signs and negative tests you may have got lucky this time. Just wait to see if your next period comes on time. Good luck!


suzan - March 28

grandpa viv, my bf has never entered at all.i'm just worried if there was some s____n near the v____al area due to there any test through which i can confirm for sure? the suspense is killing me.i have been having slightly watery white discharge.does this mean anything?


jena - March 28

suzan - if your bf didn't enter, then I highly doubt you are preggo. but, as grandpa viv said, deny entry without a condom! :) you are probably just stressing (I know how you feel - before I was married and was with my bf turned husband, I was ALWAYS worried that I was pregnant and never was even though he never went in me..) now that we are ttc it's hard!!! good luck to you - to calm your nerves you can take another test in a week, but if it's still negative, you can bet you are really, really not preggo!


suzan - March 28

thanx a lot people.. it's nice to hear comforting words.thank u shauna grandpa viv and jena



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