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L - May 3

do you think it is possible to be 6 mo preg with a flat tummy and 10 neg tests?


L - May 4

What would make you think your prego? Have you gone to the Dr's?


I know of one - May 4

I actually went to highschool with a girl who was naturally thin. Everyone made fun of her saying she was stuffing her bra because her b___sts seemed to get bigger. But by looking at her stomach, it was flat as could be. She wore belly shirts and everything. No one had a clue she was pregnant until the day she had to leave school because she was in labor. Talk about a small town shock! But I think she had a positive urine. She just didn't tell anyone. Was to scared. So it is possible not to show at all. Weird, considering she has had two more kids since then and she was huge. Couldnt' hide those. Not sure how that happened but it honestly did.


Linda - May 4

Ten negative tests?!!! Probably not, since you would have some symptoms. It is poss. to have miscarried and your body does not realize it for a while. For peace of mind, I would have a dr. check you. Good luck.


It's gotta be a hoax - May 5

Ha ha, very funny. ' I've never had s_x, I've got a washboard stomach, I'm 55 next month but do you think I could be 9 months preggo?' Of course the answer could be: Yes I do. Because I have a neighbor, who's best friend has a friend, who knows somebody, who went to an Italian clinic and had herself fertililzed. The woman was a fitness instructior, so you never saw a thing.


Alison - May 5

A friend of ours has had 2 children and both times she barely showed at all. When I say that though I mean at 9 months she looked about 12 weeks pregnant so she did have a bit of a tummy but it was really small both times. (Another friend expecting the same time was about 5 times her size!) However I don't think she had negative tests and she had all her scans etc too. Also at 6 months you should feel movement of the baby. Do you think you might be pregnant? If you were that far on a scan would certainly show the baby have you seen a doctor for advice? xxx


Alison - May 5

Sorry 12 weeks isn't a very accurate comparison now I think about it. I guess she looked about 4 months (16 weeks) when she was actually 9. xxx


Still don't believe it - May 5

there you go Alison, she didn't have a 'flat' stomach then! It just sounds odd to me, you know the round number 10 tests, just sounds made up to me. And that flat stomach..nah..somebody thinks this is funny. But since they are on this site, they must be thinking about babies, so they have that in common.


Jessy - May 5

Hey I heard about that flat tummy thing, too..but I heard more grim stories..where the girls actually left cla__s and had the baby in the school bathroom and baby drowned in the toilet...another one where the girl actually put her baby in the school dumpster..was rescued by a family which eventually adopted it..having no tummy gets girls thinking they'll get away w/murder..and apparently some do:(



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