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Nics - January 8

I've read lots of topics, and got lots of advise - I was just wondering if someone can help me. I was ovulating around the 3rd / 4th Jan, and was having s_x in the lead up. Its now only been 5 days, but I'm feeling quite dizzy, sickish and have a really blocked nose. Is it to early to be experiencing signs? And is a blocked nose a sign of pregnancy? Please can you give me some advise and let me know the earliest stage you started to get symptoms? Thank you


Grandpa Viv - January 8

This is a close call. Usually about a week after ovualtion is when implantation occurs and signs start. Dizzy is a sign, but usually weeks later when the body gets into blood vessel building mode. Nausea can be a sign, but weeks 7-12 are prime time for that. A runny nose is sometimes a sign early. My guess is that you have a bug or anemia, but that doesn't mean you are not about to start a pregnancy also. Wait a week. A bug will resolve in that time, but a pregnancy usually does not. Good luck.


Nics - January 8

Thanks for your advise G.Viv!!! Does anyone else have any helpful advise. I welcome as much as possible!! I've been researching and so many different sites give different advise - i'd rather hear your personal symptoms etc from the horses mouth! Thanks


AshleyB - January 8

I came down with a cold when I first found out I was preggo. My monther in law told me that her nose was plugged up for all 9months with both her kids. So that can be a sign,


Lacey - January 8

I got my BFP at 12dpo. The same day I got a stuffy noise and I still have it.


teeniemoon - January 8

I had a stuffy nose during all of my pregnancies too. I was told by my Dr. that the tissues of the sinuses are the same as that of the repoductive tissues and hormones that cause a change in one can cause a change in the other. I agree with Grandpa Viv that is a close call. Maybe too close yet. Might want to wait till af is due and see what happens... Baby dust to you :)



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