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ikiepoo - April 4

hi, i am the mother of a beautiful four year old boy. My question is rather long and complicated.... I recently had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend on my period. The next day my period stopped.. Four days later we had unprotected s_x again... When i say unprotected I mean this: he doesnt pull out.. per usual he does. we dont use a condom and i am not on birth control... Anyway back to my question....I have had a massive kidney stone that was crushed via Litho on Monday.... However I have been having unrelated pains in my middle stomach and va___a... The pain in my va___a feels like someone is stabbing it with a knife (sorry for being so graphic :( ) anyway the unprotected s_x took place about a week and a half ago. Like I said this pain has nothing to do with the stone.. FINALLY the question: could I be pregnant? is it possible to already feel this way if i am and if so, why is it painful... could something be wrong? The stomach pain is more of a bloated feeling... a painful bloat... any help would be appreciated....


Amber #2 - April 5

It sounds like to me that you may have an ovarian cyst. Pregnancy is always possible b/c sperm can survive for 2-5 days (2 being more probable), but the stabbing with a knife pain sounds more like a cyst to me. Maybe even one that has ruptured. Does it hurt when you have s_x? All cysts cause me to bloat and have this pain around my ovary and in my back. When one ruptures, I feel pain in my lower abdomen down to my v____a and they are very sharp, excruciating pains. They are so horrible that I cannot even stand up or move. The only time mine have ruptured is while having s_x, but I know women who have had them rupture for no reason. If it persists, I would see your Dr. and get it checked out. Whether it is serious or not, you should not have to be in pain like that. Good luck and keep us posted!


Amber #2 - April 5

Oh, and one more thing! I too am a a mother of a beautiful four year old boy, lol!


ikiepoo - April 5

sounds just like what i am going through... i am gonna call the gyno in the morning.. and i hadnt been s_xually active (for awhile) up until a couple of weeks ago.. so this sounds like a very probable answer... thank you so much for the help


peta-leigh - April 6

a question about ovarian cyst... just reading ambers post. i never knew much about them until reading thru this site. i think i may have ruptured one over a year ago. i was having s_x, and the most excruciating pain overcame me, and i couldnt move that night or most of the next day, and then i was very sore all week, coudlnt stand up or move. i didnt know what it was (thought it might have happened cause i was so close to getting my period-i got it that night) would everthing have healed up properly inside me, as i didnt seek medical advice??? i'm quite worried now. can it decrease chances of falling pregnant? ive no idea at all on that subject



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