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Needtoknow - January 23

I'm 23 and don't know all the acronyms you ladies are using they confuse me more than anything. I went off the pill around January 9th. I bled for only 2 days which is much shorter than my normal period. Have had unprotected intercourse many times, hoping to conceive. Some symptoms seem apparent but I am very confused! I have been all teary-eyed but I figure that is normal. Abdominal cramping and constipation consistent for about 10 days now. Sore nipples and br___ts since yesterday morning. Frequent urination (but that's always been the case with me.) No nausea. Today I am late for the first day of my original scheduled period... or should I have been counting after my 2 days of light bleeding? (Didn't look like spotting) I took a pregnancy test at home today and it was negative, but I read online that you can't take it before you've missed your period unless it's been 14 days since conception. And it wouldn't be more than 10-12 days ago, so I guess I should have waited. I plan on taking another one in a week... I cried when the line didn't show up this morning. Any of you had experiences like this?


Needtoknow - January 23

Oh I forgot to add my sense of smell and taste are also heightened, it seems. Could be my imagination though. But my favorite salad tastes bad, that's crazy.


BrendaW - January 23

Those sound like promising symptoms! If you are going to test early you should use and early pg test and test with first morning urine (FMU). By the way, dpo=days past ovulation, af=aunt flow aka period bd= baby dancing aka s_x db= Dear boyfriend DH= Dear Husband DS= Dear Son DD= Dear Daughter DF= Dear Fiancee LP= Luteal PHase aka time after ovulation BFP= BIG FAT POSITIVE and BFN = big fat negative hopes this help and i probably missed some


layni - January 23

Needtoknow- wait till Friday and test again!!!


Needtoknow - January 23

Thanks girls. This is my first ever BFN... I have been at work for 4 hours and reading your posts, congrats to Michelle! I have been crying every two posts... I feel like a wreck. DB is very supportive though. And reading all your stories made it better for me, I decided to sit back and relax till friday and if no AF then I'll test again. In the meantime I am reading and anticipating.


Grandpa Viv - January 23

It can take several months for your cycle to re-establish after coming off the pill, and in the meantime you may get withdrawal signs that mimic pregnancy. If you are pregnant right off the bat, it is plain luck. Calm down and wait it out. Take a test when your period is a week late. Good luck!



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