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ang - June 22

i am a 17 yr old girl and altho i have had 2 periods since the last time i had un-protected s_x, i feel i may possibly be pregnant. i have had quite a number of the symptoms/sign's of being pregnant but i have not missed a period (one was about a week late though). i did 3 home test's about a week after i would have conceived and they all came back negative. if i am pregnant i would only be 7 weeks as it was 7 weeks when i had s_x. i know the lad who i slept with but not on a personel level, just his name. i have had at least 18 people who have asked me if i am pregnant, (one of which wouldnt believe me when i said im not because i do look pregnant, but at only 7 weeks max, i couldnt look pregnant could i???) i have told them no because i have done the test and it was negative. although i am not quite sure myself if i maybe did the test too early as i have had suspicions since only a week after possible conception (which is when i did the test, i had a period a week later) im in a situation where i have no mom or dad to turn to and i am in no situation to be able to afford another home test because i only get £30 a week to live on and a test can cost upto £10!! which i cant afford. i also want to avoid going to the doctors. could some one please tell me what i can do to tell me once and for all if i am pregnant which wont cost a lot of money? please, i need to know asap cause i am a smoker and if i am pregnant then the worst thing i want to do is put the baby through any harm at all.


Melissa - June 21

It is possible to be pregnant and have your period. You probably tested too early though, it takes at least two weeks,(14 days), for the pregnancy hormone HCG to be detected in your urine. The further along you get, the more this preg. hormone concentrates in your urine, then it will eventually level off. What do you mean you "look" pregnant? Are your clothes, like pants/shorts, becoming too tight? Are you actually showing a bit? If you are in fact pregnant, than a pregnancy test would for sure show positive by now. You should really need to try to find a way to get another test. Would one of your friends loan you the money? There must be a pregnancy crisis center or women's center where you live. I am not sure the country you live in, but they must have something in place for teens who may be pregnant and need a__sistance. Otherwise, I would visit a local church for help with the money to buy another test. It is imparitive that you find out if your pregnant or not. You need to know. Then, you need proper prenatal care and really need to stop smoking. Well,I wish you the best. God Bless You!


Shelly - June 22

It's a good idea to stop smoking even before you know. Stopping now doesn't hurt anything. If you're not pregnant and you have quit you will benefit yourself.Planned Parenthood has international help. They also list other international programs. You should be able to find an place near you where you can get a free test. Hope this helps.



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