Please Help I Am So Scared

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femaleblues - May 21

Is an exessive amount of phlem a sign of pregnancy. I seem to have alot of it in my throat ( which has woke me up in the middle of the nite) it almost feels as if there is something stuck there . Also I have all these blue veins running thru my chest, up to shoulders etc.. and get like cramps on sides ( the kind u would get if you had been running) bbs are starting to get sore.. Strange dreams that I am taking a test and they are positive ( not tryin to get pregnant) Also getting a strange milky discharge.. headaches, back pains, throbbing in groin area.. anyway.. took a test on 15th it was neg.. had early AF (12 days early) very spotty.. was not supposed to start til the 14th.. tired all the time.. DH had had a real hard time waking me up in the mornings.. go potty alot.. just dont know.. did I take the test too soon.. ( had some cm from april 25th - 30th, then the early af.. someone please help me here, I just dont understand what is going on with me.. oh yea very testy too.. poor hubby never knows when its safe to come home :( .. anyway.. anything would help ladies.. thank you so much


to femaleblues - May 21

i would take another test for have a lot of signs, so i would test. have you thought about going to the doctor? good luck to you!


femaleblues - May 21

I dont have a doctor or insurance.. I was just having all these odd things goin on and thought I would get some opinions


Grandpa Viv - May 21

No doctor no insurance, I would start taking vitamin pills with 100% of your folic acid requirements to prevent birth defects (also in whole wheat bread and some cereals). The phlegm is the only one of your signs that we don't see on a regular basis, and it probably relates to the "runny, stuffy nose" and the "more saliva" symptoms. Fatigue, dreams, discharge, headache, backache, veins, emotional, cramps, implantation spotting, frequent peeing, girl you have them all (wot, no tender b___bs or gas and bloating?). I bet the Health Department or someone like that has a free prenatal clinic somewhere round there. Give them a call in a couple of weeks. Test again at weekly intervals, Good luck!


Female - May 21

uh yea...bbs started get sore a couple days ago.. and yea burping.. d__n I do it even when I drink far as bloat.. my belly lloks like a woman who is like a balloon ready to be popped.. So..Grandpa, you think that early bleeding was "implanation" and is that why I posssibly didnt get my normal af on the 13th ?? I did take a test on the 15th first thing in the morn and it was negative..and ya I do have more of a stuffy nose.. mainly when I first get up.. and man I been sneezing alot too.. just thought it was dust.. I was thining abt waiting til the 2nd of June to do another test.. cause I am so confussed abt that prior bleed.. OMG.. being a woman you would think I would know all this stuff..


? - May 21




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