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jamie14 - October 5

my last period was september 22 - 27. this period was a week late. i am on 32 day cycle. it also started with brown discharge. for about 2 days and light bleeding and very mild cramps (which is not normal for me). 2 days ago almost 2 weeks after my period ended, i started brown discharge again and today i am having very light bleeding and pain thats not bad enough to even call cramps once every 3 or 4 hours. my periods are very regular and i havent been on birth control in a year. what could this mean?


jamie14 - October 5

not even 2 weeks. a week after.


Grandpa Viv - October 5

Hmm! Abnormal discharge and cramps, but no convincing list of early pregnancy signs. Could this be some kind of cyst? Perhaps a gyno checkup would be a good idea, though a preg test when in doubt is always a good idea. GL!


jamie14 - October 6

i have been tired a lot recently. like i don't want to wake up and no matter what time i go to bed i can sleep until 2 in the evening. i've had lots of headaches also.


Grandpa Viv - October 7

OK. Your period should have been Sept 15th. If you are pregnant it would be from s_x around or shortly before Sept 1st. Does that compute? It would make you 7 weeks pregnant now. Alternatively stress or whatever delayed your ovulation in September by a couple of weeks, the Sept 22 spotting was implantation, and you are now 5 weeks pregnant. Tired, headaches, weird cramps, spotting, discharge are all early signs of pregnancy. How about b___st and nipple changes, backache, lightheaded moments, upset gut (heartburn, ga__sy, diarrhea, constipation, short of breath), emotional, peeing more often, appet_te and smell changes, runny or stuffy nose, favorite foods changed, hot flashes, and vivid dreams? I guess you need to do a home preg test. Can you get hold of one? Use it with first morning pee. Good luck!



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