Please Help Same Symptoms As Last Month

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Doubleal - November 19

I have a question....i had alot of cm on nov. 9th...only the you think i ovulated on the 10th......cause i had a m/c last month and started to bleed on a friday night...but i didn't count that i put down that i started on the ovulation calc. online said i o'ed on the 11th and af is due on the you think i should have counted from friday.....i am having so many symptoms like i did last month....headaches, cranky, cramping...some really strong, my bb's look like road maps and feel very heavy and hurt soooo bad, very tired....if i o'ed on the 11th i am 8 dpo. and if i o'ed on the 10th i would be 9 dpo....what do you think and when do you think i should test....the symptoms i am having this month like i did last month are sooner this month.....i hope you understood really excited and can't wait to test......thanks and good luck to all......


Corrie - November 19

Hi Doubleal! I think that question lurks in the mind of all of us! Okay, well, I know it does in me. Using the calculators help because they give us our fertile times etc, keeping in mind that its a rough estimate and not always correct since so many women are different etc... We can't always be exactly sure of the exact day we get pregnant, but sometimes our bodies give us clues. When it comes to figuring if you are 9dpo or 8dpo, I have found it best to go with the date that gives me the least amount past. I do this to help my mind to decide against testing super early, because for me, I get so disappointed seeing the bfn. I would wait until you are around 11-12dpo. Seems like more women have better luck at that point then they do at 9-10. Now, don't get me wrong, some get it very early, but in general, its best to wait until AF is due or you are late. (IF you have the will-power to hold out that long.) Good Luck and Keep us posted!!


lillybug - November 19

When I talked to my doc she told me that the day I had the most cm was the day I Ovulated, but for some women it can be different. My mother ovulated three days after you period was over. So You could have o'd between the 8th and the 10th. I'd wait and see if you miss a period, because last cycle I went crazy testing and was very disappointed that I got a BFN I waited until I was like two days late. Good luck! And I hope you get that BFP!!!!



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