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Terri - November 21

Hello everyone, I would like to ask some advise from you if anyone can help. I am 24 and me and my husband have been together for 7 years and recently married so decided now is the time to start trying for a baby. Since about a week ago i have been feeling strange so have been reading your comments for advise. This started with my nipples itching and then shooting pains, especially in the left and then when I looked there was a slight clear liquid showing. This has not happened again since but they have been sensitive and tingly and husband said he noticed they were bigger. I have also needed to urinate at least once an hour and have been feling slightly queezy around lunch time and not been able to eat much, and I have had a strange sensation in my lower stomach almost like when you do sit ups and your muscles are strained. As I was 1 day late yesterday I took a test which was negative and then to our dissapiontment aroud 1pm AF showed up so we just presumed that my "symptoms" had been PMT related. The strange thing which makes me think there is still a chance is that AF only stayed for half a day (usually about 3-4) sorry for tmi but to start with it was a flow of red blood then a couple of hours later when I checked there was a lot of jelly mixed with black/brown spots and then in the evening only 2 small brown spots. Has anyone had this happen and still been pg??? I really appretiate you taking the time to read this and for any advise you can offer xx


Alyssa - November 21

That sounds like it could be implantation bleeding. There might not be enough hcg in your system yet to show up. I would wait another week or two and retest and if they still come up negative, make an appt with your doctor to have a blood test done. Hope this helps!


Terri - November 21

Thank you that is a help wanst sure if it was implantation bleeding as i have seen on here other people say that they just get a few spots and this was more but i will wait and see what happens. Thanks again!


patty - November 21

I've had two friends who were pregnant and had some type of bleeding before they found out. One girl had implantation bleeding for a couple of days, and the other friend had a regular period.


l - November 21




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