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b - December 17

1. can you still have mucus secreting from your va___a if you're pregnant? 2. if you're on BCPs, and your pregnant, is it possible to still have your periods on a regular basis according to your cycle?


Christine - December 17

1. A big yes...actually an early symptom is increased v____al discharge..2. Not sure...but you can get pregnant on the pill...and you can still have your periods while pregnant..


b - December 17

it's hard because i normally have v____al discharge to begin with, so I'm not so sure


b - December 17

what if i took a pregnancy test(ept) and held it under my urine for less than 5 sec., doesn't it matter the hcg levels and not how much urine soaked up onto the stick. Plus I took the urine test about 2 months after the I should be okay right?!?!


b - December 17



Grandpa Viv - December 17

Sounds like you are obsessing about this. Take another home test to set your mind at ease. Pee in a cup and hold the stick in that so you are sure you got the time right. My guess is it will still show negative.


wanda - December 17

yeah...if you're on Birth Control, and you're pregnant, would your periods still come or would they stop?


bump - December 17



KM - December 17

okay the first question, is yes, increased white mucus like discharge is normal in pregnancy.Just have your doctor check it out to rule out a yeast infection. and for the 2nd question.Your birth control pills, although they regulate your cycle, will not make your periods still come if you are pregnant.I asked my doctor about this.(i got pregnant on the pill)BUT you can still get something that ressembles a normal period when you are pregnant, or some spotting, as this is implantation bleeding.Also, if you are pregnant or suspect a pregnancy you should discontinue the pill ASAP as it can be harmful to the baby.Hope that helps



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