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Jojo - August 16

af is here 4 days early,the new thing is that i have lots of egg white accompanied b blood. af flow is normal as usual, but the mucus is very strange. do u reckon am ovulatin? could it be even though am on my af???pls anyone give me some insight...thank u


Deb - August 16

JoJo I wish I could answer you but I am not sure. I dont think it could be ovulation if you were due for af in 4 days. It may just be one of those weird periods. Sorry I dont have alot of answers for you but I wanted to respond.


Mica - August 16

It's unusual to have af and ovulation together. The af gets rid of the uterine lining and egg once they are not needed to support a pregnancy each cycle.


JOJO - August 16

oh ok...thats what i thought, that one cant ovulate when on period, VERY STRANGE THOUGH, never had so much mucus in one day


Brittany - August 16

Dont sound like your ovulating. Sounds like you could have an infection or std. Go to da dr and ask 4 a check up 2 see if u have a infection and std testing. dont mean to frighten you but i am a rn at a ob/gyn so thats wat ir sounds like but who knows it might just be nothing. let us know.


a - August 17

jojo, it could possibly be implantation bleeding. though i have never had implantation bleeding, i know alot of girls do. you can go to the health dept., and get a pregnancy test for free. hope this helps..


jojo - August 17

it cant be std, i just had a pap smear done like 3 weeks ago and everything is fine.


kirsty - August 17

jessica sounds like a right knob head


JOJO - August 17

PLS dont fight on my question, i just need some insights thats all!!! create ur own question and fight on that...thanks


jessica - August 17

kirsty, obviously u r a child by the statement u made...I will over look it sweetheart.;) JoJo u r right, we must over look childishness. I apologize, it just gets on my nerves to always have someone acting ignorant when there is no need.


Brittany - August 17

JOJO ok thats goos you had your paps. well it could be implantation bleeding. i will ask the dr. tomorrow when i go to work and see what he says and let you know. but either way go to the your ob/gyn and get a general check up and ask for your hcg levels to be tested (blood test) then you'll know if your pregnant or not. It might just be nothing just your period early and a little cervical mucus left over thats comming with your period. I'll let you know what he says. Keep in touch. and jessica i didnt mean anything against you jsut because im a nurse doesnt mean i have 2 type profesional when im at hm on a forum so please dont take it the wrong way. everyone keep in touch



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