Please Help Are These Signs Of Being Pregnant

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shorty - April 19

Hi I have been experiencing my sides hurting for a month now, somtimes its mild and sometimes it hurts so bad I cant stand it, and its both sides. I have also been what looks like spotting like every few days and it will go away and then start again. I am not suppose to actually start my period yet till next week so I dont know what to think. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and they just did a urine sample said everything looked fine but everything is still going on. It hurts really bad and I don't have alot of energy and feel kinda sick when I smell food to.


Stacy B. - April 19

Hey, I've had some of the same symptoms and according to yours it sounds like there may be a chance you are pregnant. I would wait to see if your period comes.


Audrey - April 19

Shorty- If it were just one side I would suspect an ectopic pregnancy, but both sides is a bit of a mystery. I'd use a home pg test to be sure, and speak to your doctor.


Megan - April 19

Could by cysts.


louise - April 19

it could be a urinary tract infection that hasnt shown up on a test yet, they have to get to a stage befor ethey will show up too amazingly. however they become painful despite that fatcor. i would sugest you get another urine test done at your docs, to see ifyou have infection if not, then you could be pregnant. if it starts to sting when you pee definately go back.


lorie - April 19

it all depends on what you smell. if you feel sick when you smell eggs...thats a sign. you should feel sick in the morning mostly ...but sometimes you can feel sick at night too. i had my period all the way through my pregnancy so its not your period that matters. people say it is....but its not. i had twins at age 16 and now im 19. i think i might be pregnant too. but these are the symptoms ok...........morning and afternoon sickness....pains on both sides of ur abdomen...sometimes.....weight gain .....prolonged or loss of period...but be careful...not everyone has that problem....if you want you can email [email protected] k good luck bye


shorty - April 20

Hi everything is still the same I had a little bit of brownish red when I wiped again. Also my boyfriend smokes ciggeretes and when I smell them I just wanna throw up. My b___bs r kinda tender but they always do get that way right before I start. And I ahve also been having bad headaches which I have noticed alot of people say they have when they are pregnant.



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