Please Help Could I Be Pregnant

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kitty - March 7

im sorry if this ends up beeing a long post, since its my 1st one. i have been veiwing the boards for a couple weeks now, and everyone seems so nice. i go. my last af started feb 9th. and began to end onthe 14th and was totaly gone by the 15th. me and my bf fience were wanting to have a baby. so we had s_x alot once af was over the past few weeks weeks. we started on the 15th. well here are my symptoms...i have been having alot of nausia, some days i throw up so much it irritates my throat. i have been getting dizzy alot, and ive been so tired. one day my bf looked at me and told me my br___t have gotten bigger.its feels like they have, my bra seems tighter.but i also noticed the sides of my br___ts, a color change?? its like a blueish pinkins red sometimes. it started out like the size of an egg,but has seems to gotten bigger. i have the blue veins as well. but has anyone had the color change before?? i just looked in the mirror at that spot and it seems the size/shape of my br___t has gotten wider. they have also been tender and sore at times. and my nipples have been dry alot ive had to use lotion on them. and also, i normaly had a big breakouts before af comes...and now my skin is clearing up?? not breaking out?? last week i had some redish brown spotting for a couple days but only in the am. and just recently...i been getting back pain, and like were the hip bones are and my but hurts? like at my tailbone. and if i touch right above my pubic bone, its tender and i feel bloated. i did take a test last week, but the pos line was very light, and faded after 10 mins. i know all sighns seem to point to me beeing pg, i feel like i am,i have been getting hungry alot too. but my sister says im not its in my head. my mom was saying that too until my but started hurting. now she says i might be. but if i am, it will be hard because me and my feince broke up. i left him. he was lying to me so much, and treating me so bad. he made me cry so much and caused much stress. i couldnt handle it anymore. so i decided if i am pg like i think, for the sake of the baby i left him. i dont want to loose it. i have lost 2 before but due to accidents, bothe before 3 mos. and i read too much stress can cause a mc. im sorry this post is soooo long but i was just hopeing for some advice. has anyone had the same things i had? oh yea,...ive been constipated. >.< grrrr...and my af normal arrival date is the 8th or 9th. and i havent had one menstral cramp at all. ive had minor twinges in my uterin area, and fullness but that about it. thanks for reading if anyone read it all. i just really needed to get this out and hope for advice. thanks.


Paula - March 8

All signs lead to pregnancy, you sound very pregnant. With the pregnancy test was there a negative line at all, or after the faint pos line disappeared was there no lines at all on the stick? did that make sense lol. Usually if it is a neg you will def see the BFN line, When i got preg the first time nothing showed up on the stick and i threw it away, i later went back to it like 3 hrs later just to check and it had a pos line. Those things can get confusing.


kitty - March 8

thanks for the response Paula. after the faint pos line went away, the control line was still there plain as day. it was just a regular, 2 lines ur pos type of test. is it normal tho for a faint pos line to go away after around 10 mins?


Grandpa Viv - March 8

Sorry about the boyfriend. I hope the break-up was for good reason and not just because you got emotional (a sign of pregnancy). Those tests are meant to be read at 3 minutes, though up to 10 minutes is OK. After that they should be thrown away. The manufacturers are concerned lest you come back after it dries out and mistake an evaporation line for a positive. You sound quite likely pregnant. Drink more water to help the constipation. The discoloration on the b___sts is most likely from very fine veins developing. You are lucky with the acne - usually it gets worse. Take another test next weekend (the hCG levels will more than double by then), start on prenatal vitamins (folic acid is important in the first weeks to avoid birth defects), and make sure you have enough info on the ex to keep track of him for child support. Good luck!


Chic - March 8

Hey kitty, sorry to hear about the bf. I'm having man problems amongst doubts of being pregnant too so can sympathise. It sounds like you are pregnant. Its worth phoning the manufacturer of the test and asking about the result you got as they all vary slightly. Or another good idea is getting a blood test done to be sure. Good luck!


jb - March 8 take a look it shows you alot of questions that you all are asking


kitty - March 8

thanks for the responses all.the break up with the boyfreind was definately for good reason, not just emotions. he was a liar, a user, hot and short tempered. it was getting to point i was affraid he might actualy hit me. nothing i did for him was good, like making food for him washing clothes trying to help him get a job, ect. it was so bad. and it hurts that that i found this all out so late you know. i have all his info, i know his family numbers, i know the places he goes. there is no way hes getting out of this. not if i can help it. well either today or tommorrow is af arrival date. which is looking like it aint gonna happen. because all these sighns so far and normaly im dry right before af starts, and now ive been feeling wet, almost like its came but it hasnt. the discharge looks clear on the tissue, is this good? there is no odor or anything like that.


chriss - March 8

Kitty. Good for you for leaving the bum!! I've ready your post and your definately seem to have alot of the symptoms. Wait a few days after your period is due and take a test. The road ahead will be exciting and hard for you, make sure that you have all of the support from your family and friends that you will need! Good luck and baby dust!!!


reann - June 3

can you be pregnant and still get your period



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