Please Help Could I Have Gotten Pregnant

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startingtowonder - April 11

My boyfriend and I use condoms...but we usually go with nothing for a few minutes before putting one on. We had no problems or broken condoms this month. We had s_x on cd 19 with no protection, which with my usual 27-28 day cycle, I've always seen this as being "safe". I'm 2 days late now and not as crampy as I usually am - and my nipples are not sore when they usually are. I feel exhausted and a little sick (headache/upset stomach). My stomach muscles also feel very when I move my stomach it feels like I just did 200 sit ups or something. I guess I'm just wondering - if I did get pregnant, is it more likely it was from one of the condom times or from the unprotected s_x on cycle day 19. Do you think I could be? I thought for sure I was in the clear but I'm hardly ever late and I don't "feel" like my usual self. Thanks!


startingtowonder - April 12

I forgot to mention something else. For the last two days I've been feeling certain that I was going to start any minute - so before going to work out I actually put in a tampon to avoid a mess....when I removed it there was a tiny bit of pinkish/brown discharge on the tip of it. So I thought that was the start of AF. This was two days ago - and there is still no AF here. Could this have been implantation bleeding?


Jewelz - April 12

it sounds like you are more than likely pregnant, and probably from the time that you did not use a condom. however, i could very well be wrong. another reasoning could just be that you are feeling this way just b/c you are stressing sooo much over wondering if you are or aren't. any kind of stress can cause your periods to irregular. and something else you may want to consider just in case you aren't pregnant, especially if you don't want a child at the moment, is to make sure that you use a condom throughout the entire time of intercourse, because the guy does have pre-c_m.


startingtowonder - April 12

Thank you for your response!! You don't think unprotected s_x on cd 19 would be too late in the cycle to get pregnant? That's only 7 days before expected AF. Maybe I just don't understand the whole cycle days thing but I really thought cd 19 was considered safe. Thank you for the input..after this, if I'm not pregnant...I will definitely be more careful about using a condom the whole time. We've been together for about 4 years, so its easy to get lax with things. I'm trying not to stress too much...but I'm starting to get awfully suspicious!


Jewelz - April 12

your welcome.... and honestly i don't really think that any time if a "safe" time to have unprotected s_x. in my opinion anything is possible. i have heard of women getting pregnant like 4 days before AF. and if you are wanting to learn more about cycles and stuff, just do some research on the web, it helped me out a whole lot. there were a million things i never knew. but good luck to you and i hope everything goes as you want.


SallyRue - April 12

I have nothing more to add to Jewelz. I just said the same thing in another post. The withdrawl method isnt very reliable. I've read that out of 100 women using this method 20 would end up being pregnant. Its always safer to use a condom. Good Luck


Grandpa Viv - April 12

You are correct in thinking that you are not likely to get pregnant from s_x outside the fertile window, but once in a while you can get an upset cycle. The fertile window is even safer if you follow signs of ovulation (cervical position, mucus, cramps, temperature shift). No matter if it was prec_m around CD 13 or late ovulation, you now have enough signs that a pregnancy test is in order. Use first morning pee, dip method, and repeat a week later if necessary. Dollar Store will work fine if money is an issue. Don't forget the prenatal vitamins. Good luck!


sbea - April 13

I would say that I had late cycles and I am pg now. However when I went for one of my first u/s I was a week later. so I O'd a week late approx. I would test if I were you. I would get a dollar store test. My doctor told me they are effective and are just as accrate. Let us know what happens.


startingtowonder - April 14

Hey all - thank you so much for you input! I went and bought a test finally last night...and when I went to take it this morning I started AF! So I'm not pregnant this month...but after all this thinking about having a baby, I'm starting to think that maybe we're ready to become so in the near future :-) Thanks again, and best of luck to you all.


kimberly - April 15

I am glad you got a answer! However I wanted to add that a women even if thier cycles are always the same can have a off cycle. Meaning you can ovulate later then normal, hince why you could have concieved from cd 19. It is never safe to have unprotected s_x...stress or a hormonal fluctuation can make your ovulation time later or earlier than expected. Pre c_m although it is not as potent as sperm it can contain sperm and can get you pregnant.



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