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Emily - November 2

Ok, I think I might be pregnant, but I dont know...I am on the pill, and I usually take it everyday, but I am in college, and have a roommate who has a boyfreiend who is ALWAYS over. I usually leave my pill pack out where I can see it to remind me to take it. But since he is always here, I have to hide it now. Its just tacky to leave it out. Anyway, I was at my boyfreiends for the weekend, and had unprotected s_x. Then came back that week, and didnt take my pills for a week because I totally forgot. So a whole week goes by, which would have been week 3 for that pill pack, and I didnt take any pills. I totally forgot and went home again that next weekend and had unprotected s_x again. Usually when I dont take my pills, (week 4) 3-4 days later I have some spotting and then my period starts. But I didnt have anything. So that Sunday night, after I get back from my boyfriends the second week, I realized I wasnt taking my pills and started taking them again. Could I be pregnant? My br___ts arent really that tender, but they do seem a little bigger, and im craving alot of greasy foods, and i have felt really tired lately, but that could be from stress? And is a yeast infection a sign of pregnancy? I had one this last week... Where is my period if Im not? PLEASE HELP!!


Viv - November 2

You should not be surprised if you discover you are pregnant. You have a few early signs, and hormonal changes in the v____a and the urethral tract can aggravate previously unnoticed conditions such as yeast and UTI. You should take a home pregnancy test a week after missing your period. If it shows negative and you still have symptoms, take another a week later. Come back and let us know the result. We care.


Emily - November 3

I went to planned parenthood earlier today, and the test came back negative. i went through 3 hpt and they all didnt work. no result at all. how wierd is that? i was about to crack. i had to know! i have another appointment for the 11th, and if that one turns out negative then i just have to sit around and wait for my period. then, if that doesnt come, then i take another one. i dont like this whole waiting thing. i was about to die waiting there in the doctor's office..that 3 minutes seemed like an eternity. thank you for your support. its nice to have support from others that know and have experience or might be going through the same thing. ill let you know how it goes on the 11th...i cant wait!



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