Please Help I Feel Stupid

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brandi - November 26

i feel really stupid asking this but i have been having runny pink colored discharge and sometimes mixed with mucous only when i wipe this has been going on for 3 days now and today is got a little darker red but still light and only when i wipe also every once in a while it looks brown or like old blood k is this my period or what everyone refers to as IB? i keep reading how rare ib is so would this count as my period?i am due for the real thing on the last day of the month. please help i took a test yesterday and it said not pregnant. so i dont know if i should worry i do not want to be pregnant my boyfriend and i just broke up. what do you think?


Ann - November 26

YOu have to wait it out. Test again in another week if the bleeding does not increase. It could be IB, not as rare as you think. But, highly unlikely.


Becky - November 26

well if it is implantation bleeding then you might not have enough HCG in your blood yet to test positive. So I would wait a few more days closer to your AF time to test again and then if AF still doesn't show you might need a blood test to make sure. Other wise it can also just be stress making your cycles mess up and start AF early. Good Luck and keep us posted.


Grandpa Viv - November 26

Did you have a contraceptive accident the weekend of the 12th? This could be IB. It's far too early to be testing. Try Dec 4th first pee if you have not had a good AF by then. Good luck!


Hey.. - November 26

don't you love talking about s_x and contraception with grandpa...kind of creepy....


brandi - November 26

you know what grandpa viv that is the exact day we had s_x the 12th? WOW i just want to know, this sucks...


c - November 27

You had s_x with grandp viv on the 12th???? Oh, I read tha wronh


ewwwww - November 27



Deb - November 27

Ignore all of the immature people. It is possible that it is IB, but it is possible that this discharge is also a sign that your progesterone levels are low. I have heard that spotting several days before your period could indicate that. Wait it out and see if your full period shows up, if not, take a test on the 30th. Hope this helps, good luck!


Deb - November 27

Please use Clearblue Digital test!



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