Please Help I Think I M Pregnant

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baby blue eyes - June 2

I'm about two weeks late for my period. I have mild back pain, I need to urinate frequently, I have cramps in my lower legs, I sometimes have pain in my left side and rarely in my right side, and I sometimes feel sick mid-morning. I took an ept test yesterday that came back negative. Today, I thought I was finally starting my period because I bled a little (I usually bleed a lot), but I didn't bleed anymore after that first little bit. My boyfriend and I have never had s_x, but we do have oral s_x. I know that if his semen touches my vulva I could get pregnant, but we have been so careful! Obviously, we might not have been careful enough, but are there any other reasons for all these symptoms? I recently lost about 10 pounds from dieting and exercise, but other than that my lifestyle hasn't changed much. Thank you for any help!


Kim - June 2

First of all clam down. Stress can cause your period to be late. Also changing your health habits and lifestyle can some times affect your cycle. when I was 17 I freaked out because I thought I was pregnant but it just so happened that I missed my period for 4 WEEKS!! because I joined the track team and was eating healthier, my body was just getting used to it and my cycle went out of wack. This can also happen if you just started taking birth control. especially if the birth control is something like Depo-ProVera(birth control injection). I doubt that your pregnant, if you've never had intercourse Especially if you have been so, extra, careful. what your describing sounds alot like pregnancy but alot like just having your period too. and second of all, pregnancy tests have never really worked right for me. The first time I got pregnant all my tests came out negative because my HCG levels(the chemical found in your body during pregnancy)were very low. Then again, me and my husband have been trying to concieve and finally we got a positive pregnancy test, but it was a false positive. My HCG levels were high due to me taking some fertility pills. So the only way that I've found to be positively sure is to get a blood test done. Good luck.


vicky - June 2

i don't think ur pregnant, you're fine just relax



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