Please Help Javidsgirl Or Anyone Else Who Would Know

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mommyof3stepmommyof2 - December 15

According to my RE I ovulated on CD 12 and then with fertility friend they are saying i didnt ovulate until CD 16. But if you look at my chart on fertility friend i overrid my ovulation and i am just at a loss. I took an OPK yesterday and it was positive so I thought wow well maybe I am pg since they say you can use an OPK before an HPT and it will pick it up and I was under the understanding that i was 6dpo but h__l i am just so confused. Please just look at my chart and give me some insight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you in advance


javidsgirl - December 15

i will email you my response but i would go with what your RE said over fertility friend anyday. and i did take an opk when i was preg with my dd before i took a hpt and it was right for me.


annmarie - December 15

I wish I could be more help but I would agree that you should go with your RE. Last month I had 4 days of pos OPK's also and couldn't understand it. Good luck!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - December 15

Hey thanks ladies I have just been going out of my mind here. I am just going to wait until I see the GYN of the 19th and see if he notices anything and i have a list of questions for him LOL


MAC_33 - December 15

I don't know girls...I'm thinking you o'd on CD16. With that many days under the coverline I think that the spike in temp on CD13 was just a fluke. Did you have a bad dream or extra covers or even wake up a bit later on CD13? I just don't see how you can have those low temps on cd 14-16 after ovulation....


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - December 16

I removed the override off the fertility friend and it put my O at day 12 so I guess I will go with that one. I have an appt with the GYN on the 19th and I will know then if I have the chadwicks sign since I will be 11 dpo that day. Other than that I will be testing on the 23rd just in time to put it in DH's stocking if it is positive



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